Paris is not just the city of romance, it’s also one of the culinary capitals of the world.

From the patisseries, chocolatiers, and fromageries to its bistros, food truly tastes better in Paris. I can attest to it, it’s not overrated.

Paris is also home to many Michelin-starred restaurants. Before you skip them because of the price, check this list first.

I’ve found the most affordable Michelin star Restaurants in Paris. You can have that Michelin dream for less than 50 euros!

PRO TIP: Before we dive into the list, here are some insider tips to make the most out of your experience and even save money:

  • Go for lunch. Lunch menus are significantly more affordable than dinner menus — with the same exceptional quality!
  • Book in advance. Most restaurants require reservations and some even fill up three weeks in advance. As soon as you know your dates, call the restaurant.
  • Check for wine pairings. Of course, wine is also exceptional in Paris. Just be aware of the restaurant’s policy so you won’t have any surprises.
  • Dress appropriately. Although some Michelin-starred restaurants are more relaxed, expect smart casual or formal attire. Check the restaurant’s website for some guidelines.
  • Inform them about your dietary restrictions. Do this in advance or while reserving your table.

With that, here are the cheapest Michelin Star restaurants in Paris:

24 Affordable Michelin Star Restaurants in Paris

1. Restaurant Omar Dhiab (4.9⭐) 

An elegant dish presentation at Restaurant Omar Dhiab, one of the affordable Michelin star restaurants in Paris, with a person's hand reaching for a skewer of decadent treats on a golden tray, beside a plate of seared meat garnished with herbs
Feel the Egyptian heritage with every plate | © Restaurant Omar Dhiab

After his success in top restaurants like the Loiseau Rive Gauche, it’s no surprise that Chef Omar Dhiab‘s solo venture received a Michelin star.

This time, the focus is on his Egyptian heritage.

Taste his marinated seabream and pistachio grapefruit desserts while taking in the restaurant’s minimalist interiors.

Prices start at €68 for lunch and €118 for dinner.

2. Restaurant Alan Geaam (4.8⭐)

A refined culinary spread at Restaurant Alan Geaam, one of the affordable Michelin-star restaurants in Paris. A glass of red wine elegantly accompanies a well-presented meal, including a gourmet meat dish, escargot in a decorative bowl, and canapés atop a sculpted salt crystal, all resting on a marble table against a plush seating backdrop.
A subtle explosion of herbs and spices |© Restaurant Alan Geaam

Located a few blocks south of the Arc de Triomphe, you’ll discover Chef Alan Geaam.

He is the first and only Lebanese-origin chef in France to have been awarded a Michelin star.

His restaurant offers a down-to-earth approach to fine dining.

Each dish is bursting with unconventional herbs and spices such as cardamom and Thai basil.

The price ranges from €58 to €88 for three courses.

3. Virtus (4.8⭐)

The charming blue facade of Virtus in Paris. It is recognized as best value Michelin restaurants Paris, invitingly opens to gourmet enthusiasts, framed by lush greenery in a vibrant street setting.
The fancy and classy Virtus’ facade and menu | © Virtus
A gastronomic delight at Virtus, one of the cheapest Michelin Star restaurants in Paris , with a beautifully plated grilled fish adorned with fresh greens, a dollop of cream, and served with a glass of white wine and artisanal bread.
A delicate dessert at Virtus, a testament to the affordable luxury of Paris's Michelin-starred restaurants, featuring a scoop of ice cream atop a crunchy base, surrounded by citrus segments and fresh mint, served with a gold spoon on a marble surface.

It took the combined genius of Camille Gouyer and Frédéric Lorimier to conceive Virtus in the 12th arrondissement.

Enjoy their €125 six-course tasting menu in its classy ocean blue exterior.

Pair it with 4 glasses of wine for the perfect Friday escape.

4. Restaurant Pantagruel Paris (4.8⭐)

An immersive dining experience at Restaurant Pantagruel in Paris, where a culinary trio includes a smoky, spherical dome uncovering a creamy dessert, a side dish in an elegant petal-shaped bowl, and a bright green sauce with a dollop of foam, all presented on a serene white background.
Truly, an art | © Restaurant Pantagruel Paris
An artistically presented chocolate dessert at Restaurant Pantagruel, exemplifying the best Michelin Star lunch experiences in Paris, with a smooth chocolate sauce, a quenelle of ice cream, and delicate garnishes on a textured ceramic plate.

Pantagruel is Chef Jason Gouzy’s outlet for taste and theatrics. Their open kitchen thoughtfully mixes rare wine with haute cuisine.

Their €130 six-course dinner included foie gras, langoustine, lobster, lamb and dessert.

You can also taste Pantagruel’s gourmet lunch for only €65 lunch menu which includes a starter, a main, and a dessert. 

5. Mallory Gabsi (4.8⭐)

Intimate dining setting at Mallory Gabsi's restaurant in Paris, renowned for its affordable Michelin-star experience, featuring a cozy table set for two, elegant glassware, and a warm, golden glow from a modern chandelier, all against a soft, draped curtain background.
Exquisite plating of a seafood dish at Mallory Gabsi's restaurant, capturing the affordable sophistication of Michelin-star dining in Paris, with a succulent fish filet, colorful garnishes, and artistic sauce on a white plate against a stark black background.
Feels like home | © Mallory Gabsi

Just down the street from the Arc de Triomphe, Mallory Gabsi offers French classics with a modern Belgian twist at his Michelin-star restaurant.

The €75 lunch menu includes eel, beef, and beet dishes, while the four-sequence €130 menu named ‘Les Sens’ (the senses) delights with additional scallop and lobster creations.

6. Alliance (4.8⭐)

The serene and stylish dining room of Alliance Paris, known for being one of the most affordable Michelin Star restaurants in Paris, bathed in natural light with a modern and airy decor, ready to welcome diners to a luxurious yet accessible experience.
Elegance | © Alliance
A freshly served Kermancy oyster at Restaurant Alliance in Paris, elegantly garnished with herbs, flowers, and a citrus twist, resting on a bed of ice – showcasing the affordable finesse of Michelin-starred cuisine."
A sophisticated appetizer at Alliance in Paris, featuring a vibrant green watercress amuse-bouche topped with caviar, presented on a sleek spoon – a testament to the affordable luxury of Michelin-star dining.

Japanese food and a perfect wine? Head to Alliance.

Japanese chef Toshitaka Omiya and wine enthusiast Shawn Joyeux offer 700 types of wine to pair with your food!

Their 3-4 lunch course menu starts from €95. All are carefully prepared based on the ingredients available daily, the diners’ contraindications, and time.

7. Le Faham Restaurant (4.7⭐)

Glazed meat with microgreens and sauce in a bronze bowl at Le Faham Restaurant, highlighting fine dining at an affordable Michelin star restaurant.
A craft | © Le Faham Restaurant
A hand pouring sauce over a gourmet dish at Le Faham Restaurant, showcasing intricate presentation at an affordable Michelin star restaurant.

Le Faham earned its first Michelin star within just 7 months.

This restaurant features a fusion of French and Creole cuisine from the Reunion Islands, Chef Kelly Rangama’s homeland.

Produce like green peppers and pink berries are sourced directly from Reunion to complement aged beef and toothfish in their signature dishes.

Le Faham’s three-course meal costs €74. They also express menu for only €50!

You can even take home Reunionese bottles of rum and bourbon for only €48. 

8. Tomy and Co (4.7⭐)

Cozy perfection | © Tomy and Co
A beautifully plated dessert at Tomy & Co with strawberries, meringue, and a scoop of sorbet on a white fluted plate.

Why not end your Eiffel Tower tour at Tomy and Co.?

Led by a Southeast Asian chef, Tomy Gousset, this restaurant takes pride in providing fresh seasonal ingredients.

For €78, you can choose a three-course meal among seasonal starters, mains, and desserts.

They also roast poultry in-house and source pastry locally.

Pro tip: Don’t miss their rhubarb ice cream!

9. L’Escarbille (4.7⭐)

A cozy dining area at L’Escarbille, one of the affordable Michelin star restaurants in Paris, featuring a round table set for dining with elegant decor and large windows overlooking greenery.
Much needed provincial air | © L’Escarbille

L’Escarbille in Meudon has a more provincial vibe and it’s just 10 minutes away from Paris.

This cozy gourmet restaurant used to be a train station cafe.

Here, you can enjoy their famous blood orange soufflé for dessert as part of their three-course meal, priced at €82.

Alternatively, the chef can curate a three-course menu for €51 based on the available ingredients.

10. Restaurant H (4.7⭐)

A cozy booth at Tomy & Co restaurant in Paris, an affordable Michelin star restaurant, with a round table set for dining, featuring a vibrant painting and lush green plant.
© Denials Pursuer
A hand pouring sauce over a gourmet dish at Restaurant H, highlighting fine dining at an affordable Michelin star restaurant in Paris
Art in perfection | © Denials Pursuer

Restaurant H is a ‘retro-futuristic’ restaurant near Bastille by Chef Hubert Duchenne.

The €95 five-course meal is a set menu that changes based on the season.

Their bestsellers? Parsley clams, veal, carrots and chocolate mousse with cream. 

11. Automne (4.7⭐)

The interior of Automne, one of the affordable Michelin star restaurant in Paris, featuring a dining area with set tables and a view into the kitchen.
Elevated bistro | © Automne
A gourmet dish at Automne, featuring a beautifully plated prawn with foam and garnish.
A chef pouring sauce over a gourmet dish at Automne, showcasing fine dining at an affordable Michelin star restaurant in Paris.

Chef Nobuyuki Akishige runs a small modern French restaurant in the 11th arrondissement.

Don’t let the size of the place fool you. Automne’s bistro-inspired high-quality dishes have given them one Michelin star.  

Automne is a known neighborhood hangout with a reasonably priced lunch menu at €60.

They also offer a tasting menu with five courses for €98.

Pro Tip: Their Guinea fowl with mustard is a crowd favorite.

12. ACCENTS Table Bourse (4.7⭐)

The interior of ACCENTS Table Bourse, an affordable Michelin star restaurant, featuring a dining area with exposed brick walls, modern pendant lights, and elegantly set tables with leather chairs.
A meeting to remember | © ACCENTS Table Bourse

ACCENTS Table Bourse is a modern Scandinavian restaurant by Chef Ayumi Sugiyama and Chef Romain Mahi. 

Chef Ayumi’s pastry creations, like the delicate ‘sugar bubble’, are a treat for the senses.

Four to six-course lunch menus are available from €65 to €100, making ACCENTS one of the cheapest Michelin star restaurants in Paris.

13. Paris Ze Kitchen Galerie (4.7⭐)

The interior of Ze Kitchen Galerie, an affordable Michelin star restaurant, featuring modern decor, colorful artwork, and elegantly set tables.
I thought it’s an art gallery | © Paris Ze Kitchen Galerie
A gourmet dish at Ze Kitchen Galerie, featuring a leek with cream, salmon roe, and a crispy garnish on a dark plate.
A gourmet dish at Ze Kitchen Galerie featuring lobster, green vegetables, and garnishes on a dark plate.

Missing wasabi and ginger from the traditional French cuisine?

Worry no more. Chef Willian Ledeuil incorporates Thai and Vietnamese food to elevate his creations in Ze Kitchen Galerie in the 6th arrondissement.

With an open-window kitchen, you can witness how the chefs whip up the famous Burgundy snails laced with sake or the wasabi-white chocolate ice cream. 

In terms of lunch menu, Ze Kitchen Galerie is the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Paris offering a two-course meal for only 43 euros!

14. ANONA (4.7⭐)

Fresh. | © ANONA
A chef preparing a gourmet dish at ANONA, featuring a beautifully plated entree with garnishes.
A breakfast spread at ANONA featuring a bowl of quinoa salad with microgreens, pastries, and glasses of orange juice. Highlighting the fresh and diverse menu at an affordable Michelin star restaurant in Paris.

From the seasonal produce to the tables and glassware, everything in ANONA is locally sourced in Paris.

Eco-responsibility is a priority in this restaurant Chef Thibaut Spiwack in the 17th arrondissement.

A €65 three-course lunch menu and a €135 six-course dinner menu can adapt to any diet restrictions: vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, etc. 

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15. Granite (4.7⭐)

A burst of flavors. | © Granite
A gourmet dish at Granite Paris with sauce being poured over meat and garnished vegetables.
A chocolate dessert at Granite, featuring a delicate presentation on a white plate

End a stroll along the Seine and Pont Neuf by having dinner at Granite.

Every plate by chef Tom Meyer reflects the restaurant’s principles: zero-waste and well-being.

Their cellar is home to over 500 wines from local winegrowers.

Order a glass with their €75 lunch menu or ask for the food and wine pairings menu for €140 and experience the burst of flavors.

16. Restaurant Frederic Simonin (4.6⭐)

The elegant interior of Restaurant Frederic Simonin, an affordable Michelin star restaurant in Paris, featuring white tablecloths, patterned chairs, and modern art on the walls.
Green and white chemistry. | © Restaurant Frederic Simonin
A beautifully presented dish at Restaurant Frederic Simonin in Paris, featuring a green scoop garnished with white flowers and crispy black elements.
A gourmet dish at Restaurant Frederic Simonin, featuring a green vegetable roll topped with cream and microgreens.

Chef Frederic Simonin likes playing with flavor the way many chefs wouldn’t.

His new one-star Michelin spot in the 17th arrondissement is a hit for Parisians with its adventurous taste. 

The restaurant’s menu changes weekly based on arrivals, but expect the same boldness in his pairings in the crab and avocado or yuzu soufflé.

It’s one of the most affordable restaurants in Paris with a two-course lunch priced at €55 and a four-course dinner tasting menu at €125.

17. Restaurant Oxte (4.6⭐)

The interior of Restaurant Oxte, an affordable Michelin star restaurant in Paris, featuring elegant blue chairs, modern lighting, and lush greenery.
French-South American vibe | © Restaurant Oxte

Oxte offers wonderful combinations of Mexican-French cuisine by Chef Enrique Casarrubias.

The chef infuses his dishes with deeply flavored mole and perfectly cooked meat — elements South America is known for.

Come for a three-course lunch for €67 or a four-course dinner tasting menu for €105. 

18. Fleur de Pavé (4.6⭐)

Cozy dining area at Fleur de Pavé in Paris, featuring a black and white photo of a person in a bathtub on the wall.
Classy and cozy. | © Fleur de Pavé
Artfully plated dish with greens, beets, and a smear of sauce at Fleur de Pavé, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

In his quest to provide only the best, Chef Sylvain Sendra of Fleur de Pavé sources their ingredients through Asafumi Yamashita, a famous and highly exclusive farmer in France. 

Start your meal with their homemade brioche, which is included in their four-course lunch and dinner, priced at €59 and €75.

The restaurant is near the Louvre Museum and is a place of art in itself. 

19. Restaurant Gaya (4.6⭐)

Modern interior of Restaurant Gaya in Paris, featuring stylish decor and seating.
Vibrant colors. | © Restaurant Gaya
eafood platter with oysters and garnishes at Restaurant Gaya, an affordable Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Small white cups with creamy orange soup at Restaurant Gaya, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

Gaya’s menu is dominated by local seafood.

Every plate by Chef Pierre Gagnaire is a dip into the shores of France within the bustle of the 7th arrondissement. 

Their main dishes come at €44 for lunch, a steal if you want a peak into Gaya’s flavors.

There’s also a large seafood platter for two with a selection of scallops, sea urchins, and even oyster ice cream. 

20. Jacques Faussat (4.6⭐)

Interior of Jacques Faussat in Paris, featuring modern decor and neatly set tables.
Homey vibe. | © Jacques Faussat
Chef using a torch to caramelize food at Jacques Faussat, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Elegant dish with seafood and greens at Jacques Faussat, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

Growing up in the French countryside made Chef Jacques Faussat a lover of local produce.

He now serves dishes inspired by his childhood in his warm restaurant in the 17th arrondissement. 

A three-course lunch and dinner menu is at €60 and €80. It comes with classic starters like foie gras and tartlets and finishes with herbaceous chocolates that will leave you out of words.

21. Auguste (4.6⭐)

Table setting with blue chairs at Auguste, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Satisfying. | © Auguste
Elegant dessert with crumbles and fruit at Auguste, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Chocolate soufflé dusted with powdered sugar at Auguste, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris."

With 20 years in the business, Auguste’s Chef Gaël Ordieux remains rooted in his upbringing.

He used to be a scuba diver and now advocates sustainable fishing in his restaurant near Champ de Mars.

For 96 euros, you can enjoy five courses inclusive of fish and meat dishes.

You can also enjoy a seasonal catch of the day with rich starters and a locally sourced dessert for 45 euros!

It’s definitely one of the best Michelin star lunch options in Paris!

22. The Scene Theleme (4.6⭐)

Server pouring sauce over a gourmet dish at The Scene Thélème in Paris.
Flavors and explosions. | © Guillaume Savary
Chef adding final touches to a dish at The Scene Thélème, one of the best value Michelin restaurants Paris
© Guillaume Savary
Elegant dish with fruit and herbs at The Scene Thélème, cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
© Guillaume Savary

Chef Yoshitaka Takayangi is a master of French cuisine.

He executes this mastery with respect for local ingredients and a Japanese touch at The Scene Theleme in the 17th arrondissement/

Soy, sesame, and dashi flavors are mixed perfectly into local French produce like wild garlic and parsnips.

Expect these pairings in their two-course lunch menu at €49 and their five-course dinner menu at €98.

23. Auberge Nicolas Flamel (4.6⭐)

Cozy dining area with wooden tables and elegant place settings at Auberge Nicolas Flamel, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Does it feel like some alchemy? © Auberge Nicolas Flamel

One of the oldest residences in Le Marais was owned by Nicolas Flamel, a 14th-century philanthropist who many believed discovered the philosopher’s stone.

Today, it’s home to a medieval-themed restaurant by Chef Alan Geaam (now his second restaurant on this list!). 

Auberge Nicolas Flamel offers a signature three-course menu for €98 and a lunch menu at €58.

Their wellington and veal cutlet may easily be the highlights of your trip. 

24. Contraste (4.6⭐)

Elegant dining room with chandeliers and mirrored walls at Contraste, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
In the details. | © Contraste
Gourmet bite-sized dishes on a green marble table at Contraste, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Breaded lamb chop surrounded by fresh rosemary at Contraste, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

Chef Erwan Ledry and Chef Kevin de Porre of Contraste aim to make high-quality food more accessible.

This is evident in their restaurant’s interior design— a mix of gold, marble, and casual couch seating.

Their Aubisque menu, named after France’s scenic mountains, offers four courses, including fresh beets, trout, and pigeon, for €110.

They also offer a lunch menu for €55.

25. Restaurant Trente-Trois (4.6⭐)

Luxurious dining room with wooden paneling and large chandelier at Restaurant Trente-Trois, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Dine in a mansion. | © Restaurant Trente-Trois
Elegant dessert with meringue and ice cream at Restaurant Trente-Trois in Paris.
Server pouring sauce over a plated dish at Restaurant Trente-Trois, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris

Maison Villeroy is one of Paris’ most exclusive mansions in the Golden Triangle near the Champs-Elysées.

Inside it, Trente Trois serves meals as refined as its surroundings, courtesy of Chef Sébastian Sanjou. 

Despite its prime location, the restaurant keeps its prices low by using local seasonal ingredients.

A two-course lunch is €60 and a longer four-course menu is €110. 

Pro Tip: Try their green asparagus and tartlets!

26. Villa9Trois (4.6⭐)

Outdoor dining area with white tablecloths and wicker chairs at Villa9Trois, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris
A garden meeting. | © Villa9Trois
Close-up of a black beef dish with caviar at Villa9Trois, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.
Gourmet dish being prepared with sauce at Villa9Trois, a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

Villa9Trois is a restaurant located near Bois de Vincennes where you can enjoy dining in a lush garden and a greenhouse surrounding.

Inside its kitchens, Chef Camille Saint-M’Leux offers cuisine from his hometown on the French coast. 

A four-stage flavor menu is reasonably priced at €69, making it one of the most affordable Michelin star restaurants in Paris.

Pro tip: Try their all-black dish– Chef Camille’s famous beef and roe covered in ink. 

27. Frenchie (4.5⭐)

Cozy interior of Frenchie, one of the best value Michelin restaurants in Paris, featuring rustic decor and a chef preparing food in an open kitchen.
Artisan flavors and vibe. | © Frenchie
Chef at Frenchie, one of the best value Michelin restaurants in Paris, carefully arranging a delicate dessert on a white plate.
Chef at Frenchie, one of the best value Michelin restaurants in Paris, pouring a creamy sauce over a dish of fish and colorful vegetables.

Frenchie is a hidden gem in the streets of Sentier.

The food and the warm wooden interiors have been receiving love from some of the world’s most famous artists for good reason. 

The restaurant offers a four-course tasting menu for €140, which features Basque-inspired dishes and seasonal ingredients.

After enjoying some tender barbecue pulled pork, enjoy a drink at their well-equipped bar.

28. Le Village Tomohiro (4.5⭐)

Dining area of Le Village Tomohiro, one of the best value Michelin restaurants in Paris, with elegant table settings and plush gray chairs."
A village to love. | © Le Village Tomohiro
A unique dessert at Le Village Tomohiro, one of the best value Michelin restaurants in Paris, presented in a black bowl with green elements and a yellow fruit.
A colorful dish at Le Village Tomohiro, one of the affordable Michelin restaurants in Paris, featuring bright pink elements and garnished with greens on a white plate.

Concluding our list is the brainchild of an exceptional Japanese couple in the village of Marly-le-Roi outside of Paris.

Le Village Tomohiro seats only about 20 people, making it a quaint spot to try the chef’s surprises. 

Tomohiro Uido offers a six-course menu for €75, a steal like most affordable Michelin star restaurants in Paris.

It includes starters such as red tuna tartare and oyster spring rolls. You can also add three wine pairings for an additional €60.

FAQs: Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

How much do Michelin star restaurants cost in Paris?

Dining at Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris usually ranges from around €60 for a lunch menu to approximately €150 per person for dinner.

Tasting menus generally cost between €100 and €250.

How many restaurants in Paris have a Michelin star?

As of 2024, Paris is home to 121 Michelin-starred restaurants, as confirmed by the official Michelin Guide.

What is a tasting menu in a restaurant?

A tasting menu is a set meal in a restaurant that includes multiple small courses, highlighting a variety of the chef’s best dishes.

It typically consists of multiple courses, from appetizers to desserts, and may also include wine pairings.

The menu is pre-set, allowing diners to sample a variety of flavors and techniques in one meal. Tasting menus are popular in fine dining and Michelin-starred restaurants

What do you wear to a Michelin star restaurant in Paris?

Generally, smart casual to formal attire is recommended. For men, wear a jacket or blazer with a collared shirt and dress shoes.

For women, opt for a dress, skirt, or tailored pants with elegant footwear and refined accessories.

However, some restaurants nowadays are more relaxed so check their website for guidelines.

Do you tip in Paris Michelin?

Tipping in Paris, including at Michelin-starred restaurants, is not required because 15% service charges “service compris” are included in the bill by law.

However, it is appreciated to leave a small tip if you receive exceptional service.

A general guideline is to leave around 5-10% of the total bill for fine dining restaurants, 1-2 euros for casual restaurants or simply round up the amount​.

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