The 21 Most Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris: Luxury to Budget

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most popular European destinations, known for its dreamy, bright, and romantic atmosphere.

It may not be the first city that comes to mind for slow-paced travel, but surprisingly, it is.

I’ve even discovered that several eco-friendly hotels in Paris cater to environmentally-conscious travelers while offering a cozy stay in the City of Light.

So, if you want to minimize your environmental impact while enjoying your trip, here are the top eco-friendly hotels in Paris, complete with Google Review Ratings and a map to help you choose.

Luxury Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris

1. Le Bristol Paris (4.7 ⭐)

Elegant guest room at Le Bristol Paris, an eco-friendly hotel in Paris, featuring a deluxe-sized bed with crisp blush linens, classic French windows that open to a lush view, and a crystal chandelier adding a touch of luxury.
© Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris proves luxury doesn’t have to harm the environment.

This elegant French palace has almost 200 rooms and sits close to Paris’ iconic landmarks like the Arc de Triomphe and Grand Palais.

Le Bristol Paris is one of the sustainable hotels in Paris with a Green Key label. They pay particular attention to reducing energy consumption and promoting organic gardening.

This hotel is proud to be the first palace in Paris to implement the BE WTR AQTiV™ system, which produces tap water with a fresh and delicate taste.

Le Bristol Paris is committed to water conservation and utilizes innovative Aquaclean technology to prevent dirt from entering the fabric. This treatment ensures that the fabric remains clean using just water.

You can even enjoy an eco-friendly sightseeing experience using Le Bristol’s electric bicycles or try some organic honey produced from their garden and beehive (they produced nearly 200 kilograms of organic honey in 2017!).

2. Shangri-La Paris

Stunning Duplex Terrace Eiffel View Suite at Shangri-La Paris, an eco-friendly hotel, with opulent furnishings and a balcony offering a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.
© Shangri-La Paris
Elegant eco-luxury bathroom at Shangri-La Paris, featuring a bathtub with a panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower, marble accents, and sustainable amenities.
Gorgeous garden dining setup at Shangri-La Paris with a pristine white tablecloth, lush greenery, and the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background, exemplifying luxury in harmony with nature.

Shangri-La Paris is famous for having breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower.

This luxurious hotel is also recognized as one of the top eco-friendly hotels in Paris. It has implemented several measures to reduce its carbon footprint using energy-efficient practices and eco-friendly materials throughout the property.

As part of its commitment to reducing waste, the hotel has made it mandatory for partners to use reusable water bottles to minimize the use of single-use plastic bottles and cups.

The hotel has even partnered with Clean the World to recycle used hygiene products.

Shangri-La Paris also sources local, seasonal, and organic produce with a short delivery route. Enjoy a fresh meal with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower that supports sustainable agriculture.

3. The Peninsula Paris (4.6 ⭐)

Luxurious rooftop picnic setup at Peninsula Paris, an eco-friendly hotel in Paris, with a spread of gourmet snacks on a blanket amidst lush garden greenery, offering a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower in the background.
© The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris is home to L’Oiseau Blanc, a Michelin-star restaurant with a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower

 What sets this restaurant apart is its commitment to ethical food sourcing. They only use the freshest local ingredients produced under strict animal welfare standards. 

If you’re looking for plant-based options, you’ll enjoy their Naturally Peninsula cuisine prepared with nutritious plant-based ingredients.

This ethical sourcing philosophy even applies to the simplest ingredients such as eggs, coffee, chocolates, and tea.

Imagine enjoying these fresh foods on a picnic on the rooftop of the Peninsula with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, a perfect picnic.

The Peninsula Paris proudly holds an EarthCheck certification, proving its dedication to protecting our planet.

They’ve also launched a bathroom amenity line free from petroleum-based plastics, packaged in recycled aluminum, showing their strong commitment to sustainability.

4. InterContinental Paris Le Grand (4.6 ⭐)

Luxurious and sustainable lounge area at the Intercontinental Paris, with plush white cushions, an elegant aqua glass bowl on a coffee table, and a grand view of the Palais Garnier opera house.
© InterContinental Paris Le Grand

The Intercontinental Paris Le Grand is a magnificent hotel in the 1st arrondissement of Paris with an unparalleled view of Opera Garnier.

This eco-luxury hotel in Paris has been awarded the Green Key certification every year since 2010 due to its efforts to reduce energy consumption and its commitment to environmental and cultural responsibility.

The hotel lowers its carbon footprint by connecting its heating and cooling systems to the city’s energy-saving network. It also uses window sensors to block out UV rays, reducing the need for air conditioning.

They’ve also installed devices that reduce water flow to save water and they track their carbon emissions yearly and set goals to lower them.

5. Maison Villeroy (4.8 ⭐)

A young child in a white bathrobe reaching for berries from a healthy breakfast spread in a luxurious room at Maison Villeroy, an eco-friendly hotel in Paris, with a cozy bed and elegant decor in the background.
© Maison Villeroy
A serene and elegant bedroom at Maison Villeroy, showcasing eco-conscious luxury with a comfortable king-size bed, soft neutral tones, and a plush seating area, illuminated by natural light from large windows.
Stylish and sustainable living space at Maison Villeroy featuring a marble fireplace, sophisticated furniture, and tasteful art, reflecting Parisian elegance and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Maison Villeroy is an eco-luxury hotel located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris — one of the most upscale neighborhoods in the city.

This luxury private residence offers 11 apartments in a 3-story mansion, providing a cozy and comfortable Parisian atmosphere for those who prefer a more intimate experience.

The hotel also offers a private spa experience with a hammam, sauna, jacuzzi, and massage. It’s a perfect place to unwind and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

All of their rooms are allergy-free. They only use ozone and water to clean them, avoiding any environmental harm that toxic cleaning products can cause.

6. Grand Powers Paris (4.8 ⭐)

Stylish and sustainable guest room at Grand Powers Paris, featuring a comfortable bed with grey and white bedding, a red sofa, modern art, and a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary design elements.
© Grand Powers Paris
A tranquil sauna room at Grand Powers Paris, an eco-friendly hotel, featuring warm wooden panels, built-in bench seating, and soft lighting, creating a serene space for relaxation.
Gourmet salad with vibrant edible flowers and falafel paired with a glass of white wine at Grand Powers Paris, highlighting the hotel's commitment to seasonal and fresh food offerings.

The Grand Powers Hotel is a 5-star eco-luxury hotel also located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

The hotel prioritizes sustainability by offering healthy and locally sourced food in its own cafe.

The menu is seasonally adjusted based on the availability of ingredients to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint.

The Grand Powers Paris also features a Thala Spa, hammam, whirlpool baths, and a fitness center, all reflecting the Parisian approach to health and wellness.

7. Mandarin Oriental, Paris (4.6 ⭐)

Modern and chic bedroom at the Mandarin Oriental, a green hotel in Paris, showcasing a blend of comfort and style with a plush bed, contemporary furniture, and accents of vibrant purple.
© Mandarin Oriental, Paris
Romantic rooftop setting at the Mandarin Oriental, a sustainable hotel in Paris, with an intimate dining area surrounded by lush greenery and candles, offering a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower at twilight.
Luxurious bathroom with a large window at the Mandarin Oriental, an eco hotel in Paris, featuring a spacious bathtub with a serene view of the Eiffel Tower, embodying opulent relaxation.

The Mandarin Oriental, Paris is situated in the trendy 1st arrondissement and regularly hosts Fashion Week events.

Imagine enjoying a luxurious garden dinner or bathtub with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Even better, you can enjoy this luxury while also protecting the environment.

This hotel is business transparency at its finest. They’ve been posting annual sustainability reports on their website without fail for the past 12 years. 

You’ll also find a rooftop vegetable garden and beehive, which provide fresh, organic produce throughout the year.

Mandarin Oriental, Paris installed the beehive to help address the decline in the French bee population. Bees play a crucial role in pollination, and Paris is a pesticide-free zone, making it an ideal location for them to thrive. 

This hotel is the first in France to obtain High Environment Quality certification (HQE) by consuming 20-30% less energy.

8. Hotel Lutetia Paris (4.5 ⭐)

Sophisticated lounge area at Hotel Lutetia, an eco-friendly hotel in Paris, with modern armchairs and a coffee table set against the backdrop of panoramic windows offering a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and Paris skyline.
© Hotel Lutetia Paris
Warm and inviting guest room at Hotel Lutetia, an eco-friendly hotel in Paris, with sleek wood finishes, a plush bed with cream linens, and a cozy sitting area by the window, blending modern design with comfort.
Charming balcony dining at Hotel Lutetia in Paris, with a well-appointed breakfast table overlooking a classic Parisian street, offering an intimate al fresco dining experience.

One look at the Hotel Lutetia Paris and you’ll get a wave of nostalgia from its postcard-worthy facade. 

This hotel near Jardin du Luxembourg has been a Paris landmark since the 1910s.

This Green Globe-certified hotel is best known for its carbon offsetting initiative

The hotel makes up for its carbon emissions by contributing to renewable energy generators worldwide. Every guest is automatically part of this initiative with no extra charge for each booking. 

Hotel Lutetia Paris also serves fair-trade coffee, uses eco-label chemicals, and sources local organic ingredients, free from antibiotics.

Midrange Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris

9. Hidden Hotel (4.7 ⭐) 

A serene suite at Hidden Hotel in Paris featuring natural wood decor, a floating bed with white linens, and a unique open-concept bathroom with stone sinks, blending luxury with eco-conscious design.
© Hidden Hotel
Sleek water dispenser with infused lemon water at Hidden Hotel in Paris, showcasing the hotel's dedication to offering sustainable, refreshing amenities to its guests.
Guest at Hidden Hotel riding a stylish wooden bicycle on a cobblestone street in Paris, reflecting the hotel's commitment to eco-friendly transportation and active lifestyle.

Located in the 17th arrondissement, the Hidden Hotel has the best access to the Champs-Élysées.

This eco-friendly hotel, certified by Green Globe, offers a welcoming environment that feels like a home away from home.

The hotel has implemented various initiatives to reduce paper and single-use plastic consumption.

Their restaurant and bar menus are accessible through a mobile application, and they have removed minibars from each room.

The hotel takes recycling seriously and collects and recycles leftover soap, coffee grounds, and wine corks.

Second-hand furniture is also used, such as the wooden bookcase in the lobby.

Why not explore Paris with a minimal carbon footprint using Hidden Hotel’s wooden bicycles and an electric scooter rental service?

Guests even have the option to ‘Plant trees’ when they book, where €1 is donated for every day they are in the hotel. This initiative helps fund the planting of trees in reforestation projects around the world.

10. Eden Lodge (4.6 ⭐)

Evening ambiance at Eden Lodge Paris showcases the hotel's sustainable architecture with solar panels and wooden design, enveloped in natural greenery, reflecting its eco-friendly commitment.
© Eden Lodge
Warm and modern room at Eden Lodge Paris, an eco-friendly hotel, with a cozy bed, yellow patterned wallpaper, and natural wood elements paired with a fresh bouquet.
Eden Lodge Paris offers a sustainable meeting room experience under a solar panel glass ceiling, surrounded by wooden interiors and lush greenery, emphasizing eco-friendly business travel.

As one of the eco-friendly hotels in Paris, Eden Lodge goes all in with its zero-carbon efforts. This peaceful hotel in the 11th arrondissement is just a few kilometers from the Centre Pompidou

Renewable energy use is perhaps their most interesting eco-friendly practice. Wood pellets and solar energy are used to run their systems.

They go the extra mile using LED lighting and Japanese toilets for lower energy and water consumption. 

And the best part? You can marvel at Eden Lodge’s tall oak and cedar trees in its forest-like garden after a bustling day in the city.

11. Hotel du Printemps (4.5 ⭐)

Cozy and sustainable bedroom at Hotel du Printemps, an eco-friendly hotel in Paris, featuring a traditional carved wooden bed frame, soft beige tones, and a quaint sitting area by the window with views of the city.
© Hotel du Printemps
Classic Parisian architecture framed by lush greenery, as viewed from Hotel du Printemps in Paris, showcasing the harmonious blend of historic urban charm and verdant nature.
Bright and clean bathroom in Hotel du Printemps, Paris, with white tiles, eco-friendly fixtures, and natural light streaming in through a frosted window, reflecting the hotel's environmentally conscious ethos.

The Hotel du Printemps is a quiet and charming accommodation that will remind you of the countryside while offering all the excitement of the City of Light.

It’s a perfect base for your stay in Paris, located near the Nation metro station, which provides easy access to all of Paris’ districts and famous attractions.

Guests can enjoy a healthy breakfast, made from locally sourced, organic products, and take advantage of the 24-hour room service, which offers a selection of seasonal dishes.

The Hotel du Printemps is also Green Key certified and is committed to promoting ecological awareness. They have implemented various energy-saving initiatives and provide guests with eco-friendly gestures they can follow during their stay.

12. Le Citizen Hotel (4.5 ⭐)

Inviting and artistic room at Le Citizen Hotel, featuring a comfortable bed with white linens, vibrant teal curtains, and a unique shelf displaying books and small potted plants under soft amber lighting, adding a cozy ambiance.
© Le Citizen Hotel
Chic and sustainable bathroom design at Le Citizen Hotel, Paris, with dark teal tiles, a spacious white basin, and wooden accents, reflecting the hotel's commitment to eco-luxury.
Contemporary living space at Le Citizen Hotel in Paris, featuring a sleek wooden workspace, comfortable seating, and warm yellow drapes, embodying a sustainable and stylish ambiance.

Le Citizen Hotel in the 10th arrondissement is proud to be the only hotel along the Canal Saint Martin, a tree-lined waterway where nature and nightlife meet.

The hotel’s water conservation efforts are truly fitting for its location and are great ways of honoring the two-century-old canal.

Water usage is decreased by efficient faucets, showers, and toilets in each bathroom.

The hotel also avoids plastic bottles by providing glass bottles of still or fizzy filtered water every day.

Le Citizen Hotel also utilizes compostable tableware and packaging made from 100% renewable resources. Cups made from PLA, a biobased plastic that is fully biodegradable, are also provided.

The hotel’s restaurant prioritizes local merchants from France, and even makes its own jams, condiments, and bread!

To reduce paper usage, an iPad is provided in each room to replace notepads. This provides easy access to hotel information, newspapers, and weather conditions.

Le Citizen is one of the bike-friendly hotels in Paris, conveniently located near a Velib station, the city’s bicycle rental service.

13. Hotel Madame Rȇve (4.5 ⭐)

Luxurious relaxation on the Madame Rêve Hotel terrace with a close-up of champagne in a silver bucket, two glasses, and French macarons, overlooking the Eiffel Tower at sunset, symbolizing eco-luxury in Paris.
© Hotel Madame Rȇve

Formerly the post office of the Louvre, Hotel Madame Rêve is now famous for its magical views of Paris especially, Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower.

The name “Rêve” meaning “dream” in French, perfectly fits with the breathtaking views from the hotel.

This stylish hotel is also one of the eco-friendly hotels in Paris, with 50% of its hot water produced by solar power.

Additionally, the hotel’s rooftop garden, a hanging garden in the Parisian sky, is an unparalleled location to enjoy signature cocktails or Japanese finger food while taking in the panoramic views of Paris.

What’s more, you can rest assured that the sun that lights up your view also provides sustainable energy to your stay!

And if you’re ready to explore Paris, Madame Rêve offers electric bikes and four curated itineraries to help you discover the city like a local.

14. Hotel Napoleon (4.5 ⭐) 

Classic Parisian charm meets sustainability in Hotel Napoléon's guest room, featuring a plush bed with striped and maroon accents, ornate curtains, and a balcony view of green foliage, aligning with eco-friendly hotel standards.
© Hotel Napoleon
Cozy balcony seating at Hotel Napoléon in Paris with rattan furniture and vibrant green cushions, flanked by lush plants and the French flag fluttering, emphasizing the hotel's commitment to sustainability.
Intimate dining experience at Hotel Napoléon's eco-friendly bar in Paris, showcasing a meal of fresh salad and quiche, accompanied by white wine and a basket of bread, set against a backdrop of greenery.

Hotel Napoleon, just a few steps from the Arc de Triomphe, has been around since 1928. 

Their building is easily recognizable through the flags perched on the top of the hotel entrance and the flower bushes on its windows

As a hotel with Green Key certification, Hotel Napoléon combines luxury with responsibility by reducing the use of single-use plastics in their establishment.

You won’t find typical complimentary hotel toiletries or plastic stirrers, straws, cups, and cutleries here.

Hotel Napoleon is conveniently located on the famous Champs-Élysées avenue, often recognized as the world’s most beautiful avenue.

After your stroll, immerse yourself in quiet places like Parc Monceau, Petit Palais, and Jacquemart-André Museum for a true Parisian experience.

15. Home of Yoga (HOY Paris) (4.3 ⭐)

Minimalist yet cozy room at HOY Hotel Paris, reflecting an eco-friendly approach with natural light, crisp linens, and a calm color palette accented by a green headboard and vibrant plants.
© Home of Yoga Hotel
Serene meditation space at Home of Yoga (HOY) Hotel Paris, featuring a geometric light installation, floor cushions for mindfulness practice, and an ambiance conducive to eco-friendly relaxation.
Sustainable dining at HOY Hotel Paris with a focus on organic food, showcasing buckwheat galettes topped with fresh greens, edible flowers, and a colorful sprinkle of spices.

Located in the romantic 9th arrondissement of Paris, close to the charming streets of Montmartre, is the Home of Yoga Hotel (HOY Paris).

The hotel celebrates simple pleasures through yoga, mindfulness, and holistic eating while embracing the Latin American essence. After all, HOY means “today” in Spanish.

HOY isn’t just known for its tranquil yoga studio. What truly sets it apart is its commitment to an earth-to-table ethos. It prioritizes organic dining and self-care practices that nourish the soul.

The hotel is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation with special treatments like Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki, Lithotherapy, and Pranic Healing.

HOY Paris offers a dining experience that’s both nourishing and kind to the planet by prioritizing seasonal, locally sourced, and sustainably grown ingredients.

HOY takes a unique approach by removing electronic gadgets from its rooms. Instead of TVs, there are stretching bars with yoga instructions, and rather than Bluetooth speakers, guests enjoy music through handmade ceramic amplifiers.

In every aspect, HOY is a haven of peace, sustainability, and wellness. Why not yourself in a mindful lifestyle that deeply connects to the natural world for your stay in Paris?

16. Hotel Duc de Saint Simon (4.6 ⭐)

Classic Parisian charm in an eco-friendly setting at Hotel Duc de Saint Simon, featuring a luxurious bedroom with vintage floral wallpaper, a chandelier, and plush red and green bedding.
© Hotel Duc de Saint Simon
Quaint courtyard at Hotel Duc de Saint Simon in Paris, showcasing a sustainable hotel environment with ivy-clad walls, wrought iron furniture, and potted plants.
Peaceful garden terrace at Hotel Duc de Saint Simon in Paris, adorned with lush purple and red flowers and a relaxing sun lounger, highlighting the hotel's dedication to eco-friendly spaces.

A lively neighborhood surrounds Hotel Duc de Saint Simon in the 7th arrondissement. It has easy access to the bars on Boulevard Saint-Germain and the tranquil waters of the Seine.

As lively as it looks, the hotel is still committed to reducing energy consumption. 

The 18th-century avant-garde-inspired rooms of the hotel use LED lights that consume 90% less energy. Guests are also encouraged to decrease the use of their laundry service during their stay. 

Hotel Duc de Saint Simon has its very own interior garden where guests can enjoy the sun surrounded by green plants and vibrant flowers. 

Budget Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris

17. Hotel Le Pavillon (4.5 ⭐)

Sustainable elegance in Hotel Pavillon Paris' double room, with natural-toned decor, a plush bed featuring animal-themed pillows, and eco-friendly lighting.
© Hotel Le Pavillon
A tranquil garden space at Hotel Pavillon Paris, showcasing eco-friendly outdoor seating amidst vibrant greenery and blooming flowers for a serene urban retreat.
Eco-conscious breakfast area at Hotel Pavillon Paris with organic produce and DIY juice options, set against rustic stone walls and environmentally friendly products.

Hotel Le Pavillon is a charming boutique hotel in the 7th arrondissement, near Rue Saint-Dominique.

Its architecture resembles a rural garden house located a short distance from the majestic Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, and the local market of Rue Cler.

This hotel is one of the notable eco-hotels in Paris. It has Green Key and Green Sign certifications, plus Greenline Hotels and Green Pearl’s memberships. 

Hotel Le Pavillon has several water and energy conservation practices, but its most unique feature is the specially designed rooms for electro-sensitive people.

All rooms are equipped with shields that protect guests from low and high-frequency radiation, which can be harmful to our health. Windows are also equipped with protective shields that guard against high-frequency rays.

Additionally, Hotel Le Pavillon offers the freshness of pure mountain air indoors, thanks to its special filter technology.

18. Hôtel de la Porte Dorée (4.4 ⭐)

Classic French elegance with an eco-conscious twist at Hôtel de la Porte Dorée, showcasing a comfortable bed with a green striped throw and a vintage portrait in a gilded frame.
© Hôtel de la Porte Dorée
Sleek and eco-friendly bathroom at Hôtel de la Porte Dorée in Paris, featuring marble tiling, a modern square basin, and environmentally conscious toiletries.
Entrance of Hôtel de la Porte Dorée in Paris, nestled among trees, with a woman entering the environmentally friendly establishment, which boasts a serene facade with balcony planters.

Travelers who plan to fill their Paris trip with a dose of nature would love the Hotel de la Porte Dorée in the 12th arrondissement.

This eco-friendly hotel in Paris is located near the Bois de Vincennes, one of the city’s largest green spaces.

Hotel de la Porte Dorée has implemented innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact such as using an ozone water cleaning system.

This process eliminates the need for harmful cleaning products with plastic packaging. The hotel also avoids using artificial scents and air fresheners.

Their breakfast is prepared using fair trade and organic ingredients. Additionally, the hotel provides bike rentals for an economical and eco-friendly way to experience the city of Paris.

19. MOB HOTEL Paris (4.2 ⭐)

A guest participates in sustainable practices at Mob Hotel in Paris by composting kitchen scraps, with a rooftop garden background, illustrating the hotel's commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.
Eclectic and colorful guest room at Mob Hotel in Paris, featuring a comfortable bed with bold textiles, pink walls, and quirky decor, reflecting the hotel's eco-conscious ethos.
A vibrant feast at Mob Hotel's organic canteen in Paris, showcasing a variety of pizzas and pastas with colorful toppings, glasses of wine, and a casual communal dining atmosphere.

Looking for a community vibe in Paris? Look no further than the MOB HOTEL Paris in the 18th arrondissement.

This eco-friendly hotel in Paris is Green Key certified and offers a range of activities for guests to enjoy, from outdoor cinema to rooftop gardening and writing workshops. They even offer different types of yoga and sound healing!

The hotel is located near the Moulin Rouge and the Saint-Ouen Flea Market, where you can shop vintage items. 

And the best part? You can enjoy all this while indulging in an organic Italian pizza on their rooftop garden!

But that’s not all – MOB HOTEL Paris is committed to giving back to the community. They donate surplus food to Restaurants du Coeur, a French charity distributing food packages and hot meals to homeless and low-income families. 

They grow their own herbs, set up bee hives on the roof, and make their own cleaning products. MOB HOTEL Paris is truly setting the standard for ecotourism in Paris.

20. Solar Hotel (4.2 ⭐)

Bright and inviting eco-friendly guest room at Solar Hotel Paris, featuring a clean white bed with blue accents, large windows, and a city view, promoting sustainable travel.
© Solar Hotel
Eco-conscious Solar Hotel in Paris provides free bicycles for guests, parked in a leafy courtyard with views of the hotel's colorful facade.
Sustainable breakfast at Solar Hotel Paris with fresh bread, organic jams, honey, and apple juice set on a table surrounded by greenery, showcasing the hotel's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Just near the Paris Catacombs in the 14th arrondissement lies Solar Hotel– one of the hidden green hotels in Paris that offers a peaceful getaway.

Known as the first budget-green hotel in the city, the Solar Hotel prioritizes energy and water conservation by using solar panels on its facade and collecting rainwater for hotel operations.

The hotel also offers free access to its garden, a fully organic and locally sourced French breakfast, and free bicycles for a stroll around Paris.

With numerous recognitions such as the Green Key and EU Ecolabel, the Solar Hotel has been successfully operating for 20 years and is a perfect home for budget and eco-conscious travelers.

21. The People – Paris Nation (4.1 ⭐)

View from The People - Paris Nation, one of the eco-friendly hotels in Paris featuring a serene rooftop terrace with plush seating, wooden tables, and large umbrellas, overlooking a picturesque Parisian cityscape at dusk.
© The People Paris Nation
Modern and efficient dormitory room at The People Paris Nation hostel with sleek bunk beds, offering a view of the Parisian streetscape through a balcony door.
Statue of La Place de la Nation peeks through foliage, framed by Parisian architecture and a foreground of greenery, near The People Paris Nation hostel.

The People Paris Nation is an excellent representation of the vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood it is located in.

Situated in the 12th arrondissement, this hostel is perfect for those who want to experience the local culture and enjoy an affordable stay.

With prices starting at just €19 per night, this hostel offers a hip, youthful, and eco-friendly atmosphere. Despite its low price, the hotel keeps things environmentally friendly with natural soaps and water-saving hourglasses.

We stayed here for a week and appreciated how close it was to the Nation metro station, local supermarkets, and bakeries.

We even enjoyed daily picnics at the nearby Place de la Nation and an early walk to the most colorful street in Paris, Rue Cremieux.

This hostel is perfect for backpackers, student travelers, and couples who want to travel affordably without harming the environment.

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Map of the Best Eco-Hotels in Paris

Wrap-Up: The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Paris

These eco-friendly hotels in Paris are stepping up for the environment. We should, too.

Whether you’re looking for luxury or budget accommodations, these hotels offer cozy and comfortable stays while being mindful of their impact on the planet.

Why not choose one of these hotels for your next Parisian trip?

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