Located in the heart of Montmartre, Paris’ most romantic neighborhood, you’ll find an extraordinary masterpiece — Wall of Love Paris.

Also known as ‘Le Mur des Je t’aime’ in French, this is not an ordinary wall. It’s a testament to the universal language of love curated over many years.

In this guide, I’ll dive into its captivating history, offer tips on when and how to visit, and share our memorable experience through this labor of love.

Bonus! We’ll point out where you’ll find “I Love You” in Filipino and German, just in case we have the same languages!

The Wall of Love in Paris with 'I love you' written in multiple languages on enameled tiles.
The Love Wall in Paris

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What is the Wall of Love in Paris?

The Wall of Love in Paris is a breathtaking public art installation sprawling 40 square meters within the Jehan Rictus Garden Square.

Located in Paris, this wall is composed of 612 enameled lava tiles. Each one carries 311 heartfelt declarations of love.

Yes, this installation showcases the phrase ‘I love you’ in 250 different languages.

Each declaration of love is written in elegant script, coming together like a collage of colors and characters that can truly take your breath away.

Close-up of 'I love you' written in various languages on the Wall of Love in Paris.
Love Wall Paris France

Wall of Love Paris History

The start of this remarkable project can be traced back to 1992 when Frédéric Baron, a musician, dreamt of showcasing ‘I love you’ on a wall.

Although a wall is usually used to divide and protect people from each other, this wall aims to abolish the border of differences.

The concept of collecting “I love you” in various languages was conceived, and it set the stage for almost a decade of collecting.

Eight Years of Love Gathering

Frédéric Baron embarked on an eight-year journey to collect expressions of love in different languages.

His approach was simple. He went door-to-door, asking neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers to write down how they would say “I love you” in their native tongues.

Baron’s mission resonated with people, and the responses poured in.

The result of this tireless effort was astounding. Baron amassed over one thousand handwritten declarations of love, representing languages from every corner of the globe.

These declarations ranged from the world’s most widely spoken languages to rare and endangered dialects.

In the notebooks he carefully filled, the essence of love was preserved in its myriad linguistic forms.

From Paper to Enamel

With this collection of affectionate expressions, Frédéric Baron met Claire Kito, a calligrapher, and together started transforming the collection into a massive work of art.

This was not a mere translation exercise. It was an artistic endeavor to curate the most aesthetically pleasing and melodious versions of “I Love You” from among the myriad submissions.

To ensure the durability of the installation, the artists decided to use individual enameled lava tiles.

Each tile measured 21 by 29.7 centimeters, and this precise measurement was no coincidence.

View of the Wall of Love in Paris showing various 'I love you' scripts.
I love you wall Paris and the different ways to say it

It was scaled to match the dimensions of the pages in Baron’s meticulously crafted notebooks.

Thus, every tile not only bore a linguistic expression of love but also carried the weight of the artist’s dedication to the project.

The Symbolism of Love and Unity

The Wall of Love is not just an art installation. I felt the deep layers of the wall as I took a closer look.

I even saw the bright red shapes scattered across the surface of the wall.

These are not mere adornments but also symbols.

Each of these red shapes represents a fragment of a shattered heart. If they were pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, they would form a complete heart.

Yet, they remain fragmented, symbolizing how the human race can be torn apart due to a lack of love.

Bright red shapes representing fragments of a shattered heart on the Wall of Love in Paris.
Red Shapes represents a Fragment of A Shattered Heart at the most famous Wall in Paris

These splashes of red represent parts of a broken heart, symbolizing the human race that has been torn apart and which the wall tries to bring back together.

The Wall of Love stands as a powerful reminder of the importance of love and unity in healing the divisions that often plague humanity.

A Wall That Connects

Traditionally, a wall is a symbol of division and separation, marking boundaries and keeping people apart.

However, this I Love You Wall Paris takes on an entirely new meaning.

It becomes a solid support for a beautiful expression of love – how humans connect and overcome boundaries.

As people from all over the world gather at this wall of love, they are greeted by a multilingual chorus of affection.

The wall serves as a bridge, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and languages.

In a city celebrated for its timeless romance, the Wall of Love stands as a modern tribute to the enduring power of love itself.

It tells a story of dedication, unity, and the boundless capacity of love to connect us all.

No wonder many couples visit this site. We even witness a wedding here! Of course, not to mention that this is also the Emily in Paris Wall of Love.

As you stand before this monumental work of art, remember, that no matter where we come from or what language we speak, love is a universal language that unites us all.

Wall of Love Paris

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Our Experience Visiting the Paris Wall of Love

On our last day in Paris, we decided to make the most of our half-day by exploring Montmartre.

After visiting the iconic Sacré-Cœur Basilica, we walked for about seven minutes to this Love Wall in Montmartre.

The Paris Love Wall is located in a charming garden surrounded by lush greenery and inviting seats, which by the way are my favorite spots.

It was a popular spot, especially among couples searching for “I love you” in their respective languages. We even witnessed a newlywed couple celebrating their love at this iconic spot.

My partner and I pointing to 'I love you' written in their languages (German and Filipino) on the Wall of Love in Paris.
Find our “I Love Yous” in the Paris Wall of Love

My partner and I couldn’t resist the charm of the wall.

We found “I love you” in Filipino (Iniibig Kita) and German (Ich Liebe Dich), and to our amazement, they were remarkably close to each other. It felt like destiny had guided us to this beautiful place.

We took several photos to capture our ‘discovery’, shared a kiss, and relaxed in the garden chairs.

We would have stayed longer if we didn’t have a flight to catch. As we sat there, we couldn’t help but reflect on the beauty of the moment and exchanged sweet messages.

To top it off, we spotted the heavenly ice cream cones we had seen at Rue Cler, so we concluded our delightful visit with a cone.

What better way to say “I love you” than with an ice cream cone?

Amarino Ice Cream near Wall of Love Paris
Don’t forget to enjoy “the best ice cream” after visiting the Montmartre Love Wall

Wall of Love Paris Languages List

The Wall of Love Paris includes ‘I love you’ in all major languages including all the 192 languages of the United Nations.

I also in rarer ones like Inuit, Navajo, Esperanto, and Bambara

Here are some of the languages you’ll find at the Paris Love Wall:

  • French – “Je t’aime”
  • English – “I love you”
  • Chinese (Mandarin) -” 我爱你” (pronounced wo ai ni”
  • Corsican – “Ti Tengu Cara/Caru”
  • Navajo – Ayóó’ánííníshní
  • Esperanto – “Mi amas vin”
  • Portuguese – “Eu Amo-te”
  • Arabic – “أنا بحبَك/ بحبِك” (pronounced a-na ba-he back)
  • Russian – “Я тебя люблю”
  • Spanish – “Te Amo”
  • Italian – “Ti Amo”
  • German – “Ich liebe dich”
  • Korean – “사랑해” (pronounced saranghae)
  • Filipino – Iniibig Kita

Where is the Wall of Love in Paris

The Wall of Love Paris is located in the enchanting Jehan Rictus Garden, a small, lush haven in Montmartre where you can escape the bustling city for a moment of tranquility.

This romantic masterpiece is perched atop the famous Butte Montmartre, offering visitors breathtaking panoramic views of Paris as a backdrop to their declarations of love.

Jehan Rictus Garden in Montmartre, home to the Wall of Love in Paris.
Jehan Rictus Garden – the I Love You Wall Paris location

How to Get to the Wall of Love Paris?

The nearest metro station to the Wall of Love is the Abbesses Metro Station in the charming Montmartre neighborhood.

From the station, turn right to the Jehan Rictus Garden, where the Paris Love Wall is.

Best Time to Visit the Wall of Love Paris

The Wall of Love Paris is open all year.

I recommend early mornings or evenings for a quieter and intimate experience. Avoid the midday rush.

Summer is prime time for tourists so you can expect a bit of a crowd.

It’s perfect if you want to bask in the sun and maybe even have a little picnic in one of the chairs in the park.

The Wall of Love in Paris in the Jehan Rictus garden square with 'I love you' in different languages.
Summer Crowd – I Love You Paris Wall

During winter, this I Love You Wall in Paris takes on a cozy, almost fairy-tale setup.

If you’re up for a more intimate experience and don’t mind a bit of cold, winter can be your wonderland.

Wall of Love Paris Opening Hours

While the opening hours remain constant throughout the year, the closing times change with the season and time of the year.

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m.
Saturday, Sunday, and holidays: 9:00 a.m.

Closing Hours
December to 31 January 5:30 p.m.
February to 1 March: 6:00 p.m.
March 2 to April 15: 7:00 p.m.
April 16 to May 15: 9:00 p.m.
May 16 to August 31 : 9:30 p.m.
September 1 to September 30 : 8:00 p.m.
October 1 to December 30: 5:30 p.m.

How Much Does it Cost to Go to the Wall of Love?

Visiting the Wall of Love Paris is free of charge. It’s a charming escape at no cost.

It’s a perfect addition to your Parisian adventure, whether you’re looking for things to see in Montmartre, on a romantic getaway, or exploring the city’s hidden gems.

Wall of Love Emily in Paris

The Wall of Love is also one of the filming locations for the popular TV series Emily in Paris, further solidifying its status as a romantic and iconic Parisian attraction.

Scene from 'Emily in Paris' featuring the Wall of Love with 'I love you' written in various languages.
Wall of Love Emily in Paris | © Netflix

During Season 3 of Emily in Paris, Emily assists Gabriel in selecting the perfect location for his proposal to Camille.

Their final destination on their scouting tour? This Wall of Love Montmartre with more than 300 translations of “I love you” in various languages and dialects.

FAQs: Wall of Love Montmartre Paris

Can You Write on the Wall of Love Paris?

No, writing on the Wall of Love is not allowed to preserve the artwork. It’s not meant for personal graffiti.

However, you can join the countless declarations of love by purchasing a “Je t’aime” tile from the nearby shop, which also sells various souvenirs related to the wall.

Is the Wall of Love Paris Always Crowded?

The crowd at the Wall of Love in Paris can vary depending on the time of day and season. During the summer months and weekends, it tends to be more crowded.

To enjoy a quieter visit, consider going early in the morning or evenings or during the weekdays.

Is the Wall of Love Paris Worth Visiting?

Yes! Though I wouldn’t recommend going there for the wall alone, it’s located in Paris’ most romantic neighborhood, Montmartre.

I would definitely add Love Wall Paris to my itinerary after Sacré-Cœur.

As I stand before the wall, reading I love you’s in different languanges, I can’t help but feel a connection to people from all corners of the world.

It’s a place where cultures and emotions intertwine, reminding us that love transcends boundaries.

Whether you’re a romantic at heart, an art enthusiast or you just happened to be in Montmartre neighborhood, this iconic mural is a must-visit destination in the City of Love.

What’s “I love you” in your language and have you found it at the Wall of Paris?

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  2. It’s such a simple but cute wall. When I visited, there was always a big crowd, but perhaps I should go there in the morning? Anyway, Montmartre is a very charming neighbourhood.

  3. Such a simple but cute wall. When I visited, there was a big crowd, and perhaps I should go there in the morning instead? Anyway, Montmartre is a charming place.

  4. I’ve only been to Paris once but I never got to visit this cute spot! I’d love to visit the Love Wall on the second visit. Thanks for sharing this!

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