25 Of The Best Boutique Hotels In Boracay

Boracay is a famous destination for its world-class beach and exciting water activities.

It’s the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you want to experience the island in a unique way, try taking it slow and immersing yourself in the local culture.

One way to do that is by staying in a boutique hotel. I prefer these hotels because they offer a more intimate and personalized experience.

These hotels allow me to stay in the center of Boracay or on a secluded beach without being overwhelmed by hundreds of rooms.

Ready for a truly relaxing Boracay experience? Here are the best-kept boutique hotels in Boracay for your stay. 

What is a Boutique Hotel?

A boutique hotel is a small, stylish hotel, with between 10 and 100 rooms, typically situated in urban or culturally significant locations.

They are known for their exclusivity, special character, personalized service, and unique experiences rather than merely a place to stay.

These Instagram-worthy hotels and boutique hotels often have a characteristic personality.

They can be furnished in a themed, stylish, and ambitious manner, aiming to be more eclectic and individual. 

Luxury Boutique Hotels in Boracay

Celebrating something special? Experience the charm of exclusive comfort in Boracay with these luxury boutique hotels.

1. Discovery Shores Boracay (4.6  ⭐)

A spacious swimming pool surrounded by white sun umbrellas and lounge chairs at Discovery Shores Boracay, one of the best boutique resorts in Boracay
Elegant two-bedroom suite at a boutique resort in Boracay - Discovery Shores Boracay, with high ceilings and a loft, stylish decor, and a breathtaking sea view through large windows.
Luxurious jacuzzi on a balcony at a Boracay boutique hotel, Discovery Shores Boracay.

Discovery Shores Boracay, the reigning Philippines’ Leading Beach Resort, is an established favorite of local and international beachgoers. 

Conveniently located at Station 1, this luxury boutique hotel in Boracay offers exquisite rooms overlooking the stunning pool view.

The resort has two restaurants, Indigo and Sands, which offer various delicious food. Best part? You can enjoy their meals while admiring the majestic Boracay shoreline.

They also have the Terra Wellness Spa, Sandbar, recreation rooms, library, and gym for relaxation. 

Above all these amenities, their top-notch accommodation and customer service stand out the most, garnering a loyal following through the years.

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2. The Lind Boracay (4.6 ⭐) 

Scenic view of the pristine beach at The Lind Boracay, a Boracay boutique resort, lined with tall palm trees and turquoise beach umbrellas, overlooking the crystal-clear waters.
A person stands contemplatively at the edge of an infinity pool at  The Lind Boracay, a boutique hotel in Boracay, enjoying the panoramic view of palm trees and the sea under a clear sky.
Cozy poolside lounge area at The Lind Boracay, a Boracay boutique resort, featuring modern furniture, a refreshing pool, and lush greenery, creating a tranquil escape.

Looking for the best resort in Boracay Station 1 that exudes a stylish and coastal atmosphere? The Lind Boracay is the perfect place!

Whether you choose a room with a beach, garden, or sea view, you will always enjoy picturesque views complimented by modern and contemporary design. 

This boutique hotel in Boracay also offers delectable cuisine at Tartine, chillaxing coffee at Crust, and indulgent cocktails at +36. You can also relax in their jacuzzis or rooftop infinity pool.

The Lind Boracay is also a perennial favorite for banquets and unforgettable weddings thanks to its elegant event spaces and scenic beachfront.

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3. Diniview Villa Resort (4.6  ⭐)

Aerial view of Diniview Villa Resort, a boutique resort in Boracay. The villa, with its thatched roof, is surrounded by dense greenery and has a private pool overlooking the turquoise sea.
Exterior view of Sun Villa at Diniview Villa Resort in Boracay. The villa is hidden among lush tropical plants with a thatched roof and has views of the ocean.
Interior of a villa at Diniview Villa Resort in Boracay, featuring a high ceiling and natural wood furnishings. The area is well-lit with natural light, offering stunning sea views through large windows.

Nothing beats a vacation surrounded by greenery and serenity. This Boracay boutique resort offers just that.

Diniview Villa Resort is located on a hillside between Diniwid and White Beach, and its name is a combination of the two.

You’ll enjoy a stunning view of the villas while being close to Diniwid Beach, a secluded land tour destination that is sure to delight you. 

The resort features eight unique villas built with native materials and fully furnished to complement the tropical environment.

You can also indulge in massage or yoga sessions in the comfort of your villa, and have your food delivered at your convenience. 

But the highlight of your stay will undoubtedly be the peaceful Boracay sunset, which you can experience right at Diniview Villa Resort.

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4. Coast Boracay (4.8 ⭐) 

Elegant pool area at Coast Boracay, lined with stylish cabanas and sun loungers under white umbrellas. The white, modern architecture of the hotel surrounds the pool, enhancing the luxurious tropical atmosphere.
Modern loft-style room at Coast Boracay, featuring a minimalistic design with a TV, a small dining area, and an open stairway leading to the upper level. The room combines white walls and dark wood accents, creating a contemporary, inviting space.
Spacious premiere room at Coast Boracay, decorated with a large bed against a botanical print wall. The room includes modern furniture, such as a sleek black bench and a small work area, providing both comfort and style.

Summer is definitely ‘Funshine’ if you pick Coast Boracay for your next getaway.

This Boracay boutique resort offers 71 unique rooms each with a white interior, smart TVs, Wi-Fi, and comfortable bedding for couples and families.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe.

Their extensive breakfast buffet offers international and local delicacies to satisfy your cravings. 

While you’re there, don’t forget to take some Instagram-worthy photos.

From the aesthetically pleasing murals to the relaxing pools and cozy Netflix corners, Coast Boracay is the perfect backdrop for your social media posts.

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5. Boracay Beach Houses (4.8 ⭐)

Beachfront dining setup at Boracay Beach Houses Boutique Hotel, with a full breakfast spread overlooking the scenic Boracay beach and azure waters.
Bright and modern bedroom at Boracay Beach Houses, showcasing a bold red bedspread and stylish artwork, enhancing the boutique hotel's charm.
Colorful and artful interior of a bedroom in Boracay Beach Houses Boutique Resort, featuring a green bedspread and vibrant, culturally inspired decor.

Boracay Beach Houses is the perfect destination for those seeking a beautiful beachfront experience.

Each of their spacious rooms points to the crystal-clear seas, complete with balconies and patios that let you enjoy the refreshing Boracay breeze.

Rooms are tastefully furnished with a wooden finish, with walls uniquely designed between warm and pastel colors — a calm yet eclectic personality of Boracay. 

Thanks to its proximity to the beach, you can enjoy different water activities during the day and indulge in delicious food and fireball dances at night.

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6. Asya Premier Suites (4.6⭐)

Aerial view of Asya Premier Suites, a boutique hotel in Boracay, nestled among lush greenery with beachfront views.
Path leading to a secluded villa at Asya Premier Suites Boutique Resort in Boracay, surrounded by tropical plants."
Elegant suite interior at Asya Premier Suites, a boutique hotel in Boracay, showcasing a spacious seating area and a cozy bedroom setup with high wooden ceilings.

Welcome to Asya Premier Suites, a beautiful place of love and serenity.

This luxury hotel’s opulent brand does not discredit its heartwarming Filipino hospitality.

With 20 exclusive suites designed in elegant, old-fashioned Filipino style, you and your loved ones can enjoy the solitude you may have been yearning for.

The Asya Experience is as premier as possible, with spacious restaurants, exhilarating bars, and a stunning infinity pool to help you relax.

Whether you are gearing up for a wonderful celebration or aiming to propose to the love of your life, no one does it like Asya.

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Mid-range Boutique Hotels in Boracay

Enjoy a stylish and affordable island getaway at these mid-range boutique hotels in Boracay that offer the perfect blend of comfort and value.

7. The Henry Resort Boracay (5 ⭐) 

Lush poolside view at The Henry Resort Boracay, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring vibrant greenery, modern sun loungers, and a tranquil swimming pool adjacent to a rustic style building.
Secluded entrance to The Henry Resort Boracay, a boutique resort in Boracay, with a striking dark blue façade surrounded by dense tropical bamboo and foliage enhancing its private and exclusive feel.
Warm and inviting guest room at The Henry Resort Boracay, a boutique hotel in Boracay, showcasing a plush bed with bright orange accents, elegant drapery, and a relaxed seating area.

The Henry is a chain of boutique hotels and resorts in the Philippines that has established itself with its intimate style.

It’s also one of the best hotels in Boracay Station 2 that provides a peaceful retreat from the noise of the island.

The Boracay boutique hotel offers the perfect balance of traditional hospitality and modern comfort for a relaxing vacation.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the lush greenery surrounding the area and the magnificent garden or mountain view from your window. You can also unwind in your suite’s pool.

When it comes to food and drinks, The Henry’s Hain offers a variety of flavorsome options to choose from.

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8. WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort (4.9 ⭐) 

Comfortable beach lounging area at WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort, a boutique hotel in Boracay, with umbrella-shaded seating on the white sandy beach.
Beachfront bar at WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort, a boutique hotel in Boracay, offering stunning sea views with a long wooden counter and high stools under tall palm trees.
Elegant guest room at WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring a king-sized bed with a unique stone accent wall and modern furnishings.

Ready for a thrilling and unforgettable experience during your stay at Station 1?

Look no further than WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort! This resort offers the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation. 

Their rooms are uniquely designed with a modern, chic sensibility, highlighting the precious Boracay limestones to provide a feeling of home.

Additionally, you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing cocktails at their beach cafe

If you’re interested in scuba diving, WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort offers a unique and one-of-a-kind experience with certified PADI-recognized diving instructors.

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, they encourage everyone to explore the enchanting wonders of the underwater world.

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9. Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel (4.6 ⭐)

Villa Caemilla is one of Boracay's best boutique hotels, with palm trees surrounding the white building. The hotel fronts directly onto the beach, offering easy access to the sandy shore.
Luxurious and spacious bedroom at Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel in Boracay. The room features a large bed with a cushioned headboard, an elegant sofa, and opens onto a balcony with a view of palm trees.
Idyllic beachfront view at Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel in Boracay, showcasing a traditional sailboat on the clear blue waters. The beach is lined with palm trees and inviting lounge chairs, perfect for relaxation.

If you’re looking for a combination of comfort and luxury in the heart of Station 3, Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel might be just what you need. 

Its airy, beige-colored rooms are complemented by carefully curated paintings and furniture designed to give you a blissful island feel.

You also have a stunning panoramic view of Boracay beachfront right in front of you.

The hotel takes pride in its vast oceanic menu, extensive sparkling wine collection, and seafood market.

Whether you’re looking for top-notch hospitality or a romantic dinner for two, this boutique hotel in Boracay has everything you need.

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10. Feliz Hotel Boracay (4.6 ⭐)

Front view of the elegant Feliz Hotel Boracay, showcasing a grand white facade with multiple balconies and a stately entrance flanked by columns. The hotel's architecture features classic design elements, providing a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere typical of top-tier boutique hotels in Boracay.
Charming and cozy bedroom in Feliz Hotel, a boutique hotel in Boracay, with a king-sized four-poster bed draped with sheer fabric, accented with rich wood furniture and tropical-themed cushions.
Luxurious bathroom in Feliz Hotel, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring a free-standing bathtub next to a large window with blinds, complemented by two large mirrors and a marble double sink vanity.

Want to cha-cha your way towards Boracay paradise? Join the fun at the at the Feliz Hotel Boracay

This boutique hotel in Station 2 offers spacious rooms with a charming colonial vibe, as well as delicious Latin-inspired dishes with a Filipino twist. 

The hotel features a rooftop swimming pool where you can relax with a cocktail from Buenavista, a fitness center to keep you in shape and an in-house spa for ultimate relaxation. 

And if you want to keep the party going, the Feliz Hotel Boracay hosts plenty of events like Paella Nights, Sunset Sips, Cinco Mojitos, and Margarita Fest.

Come experience the Latin American-style fun and hospitality of Feliz Hotel Boracay and dance the night away in paradise!

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11. Mandala Spa & Resort Villas (4.6 ⭐)

Secluded pathway leading to a private villa at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas, a boutique resort in Boracay. The villa is covered with a traditional thatched roof and surrounded by lush tropical greenery.
Elegant bedroom in the Digital Detox Room at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas in Boracay, featuring a four-poster bed with white drapes and rich wooden flooring. The room is adorned with minimalistic decor to enhance relaxation.
Interior view of a spa treatment room at Mandala Spa & Resort Villas, featuring a massage table draped with a white cloth, surrounded by serene greenery visible through traditional Filipino style windows.

Mandala Spa & Resort Villas offer the perfect escape to disconnect for a little while. 

The resort offers a calming and peaceful environment that welcomes you with its warm and refreshing villas.

The villas are designed to help you relax and release all the stress that has been occupying your mind.

If you prefer to disconnect from the world, the Digital Detox Villa is highly recommended since it is free from distractions like TVs and Wi-Fi. 

The resort also offers a variety of spa treatments to choose from. You can indulge in hilot, shodhana karma, massages, facial treatments, scrubs and wraps, healing baths, and even yoga.

The resort focuses on wellness and strives to provide the best experience possible.

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12. 7Stones Boracay (4.5 ⭐)

Charming courtyard pool area at 7Stones Boracay, featuring a mosaic-tiled circular pool surrounded by stone-clad buildings with balconies and tropical landscaping.
Open-air lounge area of the penthouse at 7Stones, a boutique hotel in Boracay. The space is stylishly furnished with modern sofas and a dining area, offering a panoramic view of the sea and palm trees.
Minimalist and elegant bedroom at 7Stones Boracay, a boutique hotel. The room is decorated with a large bed, wooden wall paneling, and soft lighting, creating a serene ambiance.

You might be looking for a relaxing place to stay after strolling through Boracay for the day. 7Stones Boracay is an excellent option that won’t break the bank. 

This Boracay boutique hotel provides a variety of suites to choose from, all of which are brightly lit, spacious, and face either the panoramic beach or the sea.

Some suites even have private pools or jacuzzis, making them ideal for unwinding after a long day.

Its proximity to various attractions in Boracay, such as D’Mall and Bulabog Beach, ensures that you’ll have a fun and unforgettable experience. One must-try activity is the famous paraw sailing.

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13. Mandarin Bay Resort & Spa (4.5 ⭐)

Covered outdoor dining area at Mandarin Bay Resort & Spa, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring a large glass-top dining table surrounded by woven rattan chairs under a wooden pergola.
Elegant bedroom in Mandarin Bay Resort & Spa with a king-sized four-poster bed draped with light fabric, two cozy rattan chairs, and a large sliding glass door leading to a private balcony.
Spacious modern bathroom in Mandarin Bay Resort & Spa featuring a large white bathtub with an intricately carved tropical design on the wall above, and a separate glass shower enclosure.

Go all in with the premier wellness place in Station 2, Mandarin Bay Resort & Spa!

Whether traveling with your family or planning a romantic getaway, you can never go wrong with top-notch rooms cemented by a mix of Filipino and Mediterranean design.

For the ultimate experience, I highly recommend booking the Premier Deluxe room, which comes complete with a front balcony offering breathtaking sea views. 

You’ll also have an extensive range of options for your rejuvenation from “hilot”, hot-stone therapy, to facial care, y

And when it’s time to dine, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast at our Don Vito Restaurant, which serves up a mouthwatering selection of Western, Asian, and Filipino cuisine.

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14. Jony’s Beach Resort (4.5 ⭐)

Front view of Jony's Beach Resort in Boracay, displaying a charming beachfront bar with a thatched roof and lush tropical palms surrounding the building.
Paved walkway lined with lush green plants and palm trees inside Jony's Beach Resort in Boracay, leading to modern white buildings with balcony views.
pacious guest room in Jony's Beach Resort featuring two large beds with crisp white and orange linens, a sleek wooden television console, and a view of the balcony.

Craving for intimate and cherished memories amidst the busy Station 1? Look no further than Jony’s Beach Resort!

With its warm, tropical vibe and only 21 rooms, this family-oriented resort offers authentic Filipino hospitality.

You can be assured that you will be taken care of wholeheartedly during your stay. 

The resort is beautifully located on a majestic beachfront.

Here, you’ll enjoy an al-fresco dining style with its aromatic food and colorful cocktails at Maya’s Filipino and Mexican Cuisine.

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Budget Boutique Hotels in Boracay

You can enjoy a boutique hotel experience without breaking the bank! Here are the cozy and affordable boutique hotels in Boracay.

15. Everrich Boutique Resort Boracay (4.6 ⭐)

Casual and serene moment at Everrich Boutique Resort in Boracay, showing two girls relaxing on a wooden bench with a cat, set against a bamboo wall with decorative items.
Entrance view of Everrich Boutique Resort in Boracay featuring a white gated entry with green signage under a thatched roof, leading into a vibrant, plant-decorated alley.
Idyllic view of Angol Beach in Boracay, framed by tall, slender coconut palms swaying gently against a clear blue sky.

Looking for a peaceful getaway with your furry companions? Everrich Boutique Resort Boracay can offer just that!

With nine cozy and well-lit rooms decorated with dreamcatchers, this boutique hotel in Boracay is perfect for a quick island escape.

Located near Angol Beach, it’s one of only two places on the island that allows pets, so you can enjoy cuddling with your furry friends while relaxing in Boracay. 

At Everrich’s Love Shack Bistro & Cafe, you can also indulge in a range of delicacies, cocktails, and coffee with your family and friends.

Don’t miss out on the chance to unwind and create lasting memories with your furry friends in this peaceful and pet-friendly paradise.

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16. Nigi Nigi Nu Noos (4.5 ⭐)

Lush garden pathway at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Boutique Hotel in Boracay, lined with vibrant tropical plants and palms, leading to traditional thatched-roof bungalows.
Cozy and inviting bedroom at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Hotel in Boracay, featuring a bed with a red and gold patterned coverlet and white pillows.
Bright and airy bedroom at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Boutique Hotel in Boracay, featuring a queen-sized bed with white linens, wooden furniture, and towel art of two swans on the bed.

At the heart of Station 2 is Nigi Nigi Nu Noos, which is superb for partying and having the time of your life!

The beautiful gardens and pagoda-style cottages perfectly complement the vibrant party scene in Station 2, providing the perfect tropical island vibe. 

Upon arrival, you will be greeted with cute swan-shaped bath towels to showcase the resort’s hospitality.

You can satisfy your cravings at the beach resort’s restaurant and sports bar, which serves authentic continental and Filipino cuisine.

The best way to enjoy the lively atmosphere is with a cold beer or cocktail while listening to the entertaining live band.

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17. Senare Boracay Hotel (5 ⭐)

Lush garden pathway at Senare Boracay Hotel, showcasing a variety of tropical plants and palm trees flanking a paved walkway leading to charming stone-clad buildings with white balconies
Inviting guest room at Senare Boracay Hotel, decorated with a large bed featuring a creatively folded towel art, wooden furniture, woven lampshades, and a view of the outdoors through a large window, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
Outdoor working space at Senare Boracay Hotel featuring a rustic wooden bench with a comfortable cushion, a potted plant, and a laptop setup, ideal for a tranquil work environment amidst natural greenery.

Luscious, serene, and fragrant. You can always go right with green here at Senare Boracay Hotel.

This boutique hotel has six bedrooms and is quickly becoming a popular destination in Boracay. It is surrounded by different plants that will help you unwind and relax.

The hotel’s wooden-styled rooms are comfortable and offer a great view of the surrounding area. You can enjoy the cool breeze while working or relaxing on its terrace or gardens.

The hotel’s strategic location makes it easy to explore White Beach’s Station 1, 2, or 3 during the day and settle at night.

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18. Levantin Boracay (4.7 ⭐)

Beachfront at Levantin Boracay, a boutique resort in Boracay, featuring a sandy shoreline adorned with tall palm trees, a hammock tied between the trees, and rustic bars under thatched roofs, providing a serene sea view.
Aerial view of Levantin Boracay, one of the boutique resorts in Boracay, showcasing a mix of modern and traditional structures with thatched and tiled roofs nestled in a lush tropical garden leading to the beach, framed by palm trees against a turquoise sea backdrop.
Curving pathway at Levantin Boracay, a boutique resort in Boracay, surrounded by vibrant greenery and palm trees, connecting charming cottages with traditional wooden exteriors and thatched roofs to the stunning beachfront.

Levantin Boracay is the perfect place for uninterrupted and thrilling kite surfing adventures at Bulabog Beach. 

This cozy beach resort has 15 spacious rooms, furnished with bamboo and nipa materials that showcase the traditional Filipino spirit.

The bustling bar and restaurant serve a fusion of Filipino and international cuisine.

They also offer traditional and exotic cocktails that are best enjoyed when the resort is at its peak at night. 

Facing the resort is its vast beachfront, where you could do several water activities for an ideal Boracay experience.

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19. Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites Boracay

Luxurious rooftop swimming pool at Ferra Hotel in Boracay, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring white loungers and built-in seating areas scattered around a blue-tiled pool. The area also includes a bar and casual dining setup, all overlooking a lush, tropical landscape with views of the ocean in the distance.
Cozy corner of a suite in Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites in Boracay with a two-level seating area, hardwood floors, and vibrant teal curtains.
Minimalist bedroom at Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring a wooden headboard and soft, neutral bedding.

I’ve stayed at this hotel multiple times with my friends and family, and I absolutely love it.

The hotel boasts 43 modern and comfortable rooms that cater to families, friends, and couples, all at a reasonable price.

You have ten different types of rooms, each with its unique charm.

Ferra Hotel and Garden Suites Boracay also offers an affordable in-house massage and has an in-house restaurant that serves complimentary breakfast and aromatic iced coffee to its guests.

Make sure not to miss out on their rooftop pool and bar, where you can indulge in your favorite cocktails while taking in the breathtakingly romantic view of Boracay’s shoreline at night.

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20. Aissatou Beach Resort (4.6 ⭐)

Front view of Aissatou Beach Resort in Boracay, displaying its charming exterior with a blend of modern and traditional design, wooden signboards for the resort and adjacent amenities, surrounded by lush greenery.
Minimalistic yet elegant guest room at Aissatou Beach Resort in Boracay, featuring a large bed with a unique wooden frame, a decorative wall piece above the bed, and classic furniture, complemented by natural light filtering through sheer curtains.
Bathroom in Aissatou Beach Resort featuring bright blue tile walls with a wooden door and frame, a white sink set on a marble countertop, and a large mirror reflecting a tastefully simple design.

Aissatou Beach Resort boasts a stunning blue and white interior and exterior, while the rooms are designed with modern chic and elegance to provide maximum comfort.

Their rooms are complete with flat-screen TVs, a kitchen, and balconies that offer breathtaking views of the trees and the panoramic scenery of Boracay.

In addition, various restaurants and coffee shops within the premises offer continental breakfasts, so you can start your day off right.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take kitesurfing lessons at the resort and add some excitement to your trip.

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21. Urban Boutique Hotel (4.5 ⭐)

Exterior view of the Urban Boutique Hotel in Boracay, showcasing its modern architecture with yellow and white color panels and a unique blue and pink metallic facade, under bright blue skies.
pacious room at Urban Boutique Hotel, Boracay, with a queen-sized bed set on a lighted platform, concrete walls, a large mirror, and a cushioned bench, illuminated by natural light from the window.
Interior of a room at Urban Boutique Hotel in Boracay featuring a low platform bed with white and dark accent pillows, minimalist furniture including a wooden desk with a round stool, under a slanted white ceiling.

Feeling hippy? Urban Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to be on your next adventure in Boracay.

With its modern exterior and interior, this hotel showcases a new style of boutique hotel architecture. 

The rooms feature a minimalist design, with beds placed on a platform and pillows with the signature black color of the hotel. 

Despite the contemporary design, Filipino hospitality is still present throughout the hotel. You can choose from a variety of breakfast options to start your day. 

Style has never been more classy at this hotel. 

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22. The Strand Boutique Resort (4.5 ⭐)

Tropical poolside view at The Strand Boutique Resort in Boracay, featuring a long, narrow pool flanked by sun loungers and lush greenery, with a thatched-roof hut by the water's edge.
Elegantly simple bedroom at The Strand Boutique Resort, Boracay, with a king-size bed, polished wooden flooring, white walls, and a framed picture above the bed, bathed in natural light from large glass doors leading to an outdoor area.
A woman meditating on a sun lounger by the serene poolside of The Strand Boutique Resort in Boracay, surrounded by dense tropical foliage and historic stone walls.

The Strand Boutique Resort is an oasis of tranquility amidst the bustling Station 1 Boracay.

The resort welcomes you with an astonishing walkway filled with beautiful trees and a stoned pathway to let nature flow into you.

Its 13 Scandinavian-inspired suites have a Filipino touch, fully furnished with wood, bamboo, and nipa roofing.

This boutique hotel also offers a pool, an in-house restaurant, and a pool bar. If you need rest, you can ask a butler to deliver the food to your suite.

Lastly, if you need to stay productive while in Boracay, you can take advantage of the resort’s 24-hour co-working space, Mahogany Lounge.

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23. IL Mare Sakura Resort Boracay (4.6 ⭐)

Rooftop terrace of IL Mare Sakura Resort in Boracay, set up with red dining tables and woven circular seating, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and distant ocean under a cloudy sky.
A cozy guest room at IL Mare Sakura Resort, a boutique hotel in Boracay, with a double bed draped in red and white linens, rattan seating, and a wall-mounted TV, framed by views of lush foliage through windows.
Indoor swimming pool at IL Mare Sakura Resort, a boutique hotel in Boracay, featuring a dolphin sculpture leaping from a central column, surrounded by a blue-tiled pool and two-tiered lounging areas.

If you want to experience cherry blossoms while in Boracay, you should book a stay at IL Mare Sakura Resort located near Station 1.

This boutique hotel is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, from the design of the rooms, and the choice of linens and towels.

However, the hospitality and service are undoubtedly Filipino.

You will also enjoy a buffet breakfast with Asian cuisine options, served in-house.

There are tables and chairs nearby, and you can relax on the rooftop while enjoying the beautiful Boracay skyline.

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24. Aira Boracay (4.6 ⭐)

Open rooftop dining area at Aira Boracay, a boutique resort in Boracay, offering unobstructed views of the ocean. The area is equipped with modern furniture under stylish pergolas, ideal for a seaside dining experience.
Exterior view of Aira Boracay, a boutique resort in Boracay, featuring a modern white facade with multiple balconies and sharp architectural lines. The building stands prominently against a bright sky, reflecting a contemporary beachfront aesthetic.
Elegant hotel room at Aira Boracay, a boutique resort in Boracay, with a spacious bed, wood-accented decor, and sliding glass doors that open to a balcony with a view of palm trees.

Whether you’re planning a family trip or a romantic getaway, Aira Boracay is an excellent choice that offers a combination of style and elegance at an affordable price. 

The hotel is located on Bulabog Beach and boasts 35 modern, spacious rooms that are furnished with comfortable beds, making it an ideal place for families or honeymooners.

You can choose from a variety of rooms that offer either a sea view or a patio for long conversations.

This affordable boutique hotel in Boracay also offers an intimate and serene experience with its al fresco dining on its rooftop terrace and the mini jacuzzi overlooking the island’s shoreline.

Plus, being located on the beachfront allows you to enjoy water activities such as kitesurfing and parasailing.

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25. Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel (4.6 ⭐)

Aerial view of Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel, a boutique resort in Boracay, nestled among dense tropical foliage. The resort features multiple terraces and is surrounded by lush greenery, providing a secluded retreat.
Cozy terrace at Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel, a boutique resort in Boracay, furnished with modern wicker furniture under a pergola. The space is enhanced with vibrant curtains and a small palm plant, offering a stylish outdoor lounging area.
Diniwid beach view from Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel, a boutique resort in Boracay, showcasing clear blue waters and a sandy shore framed by lush tropical greenery and hillside accommodations.

Last but certainly not least, Sulu Sea Boutique Hotel is a hidden gem at the heart of Diniwid Beach.

This Boracay boutique hotel offers a wide array of affordable rooms, such as suites with verandas, gardens, sea views, or balconies.

During your stay, you will also be treated to complimentary breakfast and coffee.

The hotel’s proximity to Diniwid Beach allows you to explore various attractions, such as the Boracay Butterfly Garden, Sinagpa Beach, and Lambros Point

In addition to these attractions, you can also enjoy water activities at a reasonable cost, such as helmet diving.

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FAQs: Boutique Hotels in Boracay

What station in Boracay is best to stay?

The best station to stay in Boracay depends on what you’re looking for.  Station 1 is perfect if you’re looking for a luxurious and peaceful getaway with its high-end resorts and quiet beaches.

Station 2 is the center of activity, best for those who enjoy nightlife and shopping, thanks to its proximity to bars, restaurants, and D’Mall.

Station 3 offers a more budget-friendly and quieter atmosphere. Each station offers unique advantages to suit different tastes.

Which part of Boracay is less crowded?

The less crowded part of Boracay is generally found in Station 1 and the northern tip of the island. 

The northernmost area, located beyond the main stations, is even more secluded and perfect for those who want to escape the tourist crowds.

What station in Boracay has white sand?

All three stations in Boracay have beautiful white sand beaches. However, Station 1 is especially known for its powdery, white sands.

Plus, this stretch of beach is wider and even quieter compared to other stations.

Wrap Up: Hotels in Boracay

Boracay is undoubtedly one of the best summer destinations in the Philippines, which is why it can get crowded.

However, you can skip the crowd and stay at one of the many boutique hotels on the island.

Whether you’re looking for luxury, value, or budget-friendly options, Boracay’s boutique hotels will offer you a unique and intimate experience in this exquisite island paradise.

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✈️ How to find the best flight to Boracay?

I always use Skyscanner to find cheap flights. It’s a search engine that compares prices across many airlines to get you the best deals.

🏩 What’s the best way to book accommodations in Boracay?

It depends. Booking.com is my go-to platform for hotels and apartments. If I want to save money on hostels, I use Hostel World.

And for longer stays where I want a cozy home, I book VRBO (which is cheaper and safer than Airbnb).

🗺️ How do I find local experiences and tours?

I find the best local tours with Klook, thanks to its vast selection across Asia. Get 5% off by using the code “GLADISTRAVELS”

For truly unique and authentic local experiences, GetYourGuide is my go-to. I’ve taken cooking classes with local chefs and gone on guided tours of hidden places using both platforms. I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

🚑 Should I buy travel insurance?

Absolutely YES! For just $5-10 USD per day, SafetyWing gives you peace of mind with its affordable coverage.

📲 Where to buy a local sim in Boracay?

I’ve switched to eSIMs for all my travels and it’s been a game-changer! Airalo’s eSIM offers cheap data in 200+ countries without roaming fees. Super easy to set up and top up! Get your Philippines eSIM here.

🏦 What is the best way to withdraw money in Boracay?

I use my Wise card. Wise.com provides free global accounts and the most affordable money transfers. I can manage multiple currencies easily and withdraw cash at very low costs. Plus, I find their exchange rates are among the best available!

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