Aside from beautiful temples, rice fields, and surfing beaches, you’ll probably spot a magnificent cliff among the stunning photos of Bali.

That cliff is Karang Boma Cliff, also known as Uluwatu Cliff. I’ve been to Bali three times and this time, I was with my sister and we visited this hidden gem on our own (without a motorbike!)

In this guide, I’ll provide detailed directions, the best time to visit, what to bring, and important insights that will help you explore this hidden gem on your own. Spoiler: It’s even more breathtaking than the photos!

Karang Boma Cliff in Uluwatu Bali
The iconic “Karang Boma Cliff” photo

While it is possible to reach Karang Boma Cliff on your own if you’re planning a short trip to Bali and want to make the most of your time, consider booking a highly-rated tour of Uluwatu.

This comprehensive tour includes transportation, a knowledgeable guide, and visits to Karang Boma Cliff, Uluwatu Temple, as well as the renowned Kecak Fire Dance performance.

Do not go to Uluwatu Temple, go here instead - Karang Boma Cliff!

Brief History of Karang Boma Cliff

Karang Boma Cliff attracts travelers from all over the world to witness the sun sinking over the azure ocean, casting the sky in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Legend has it that this site was the battleground where two mighty gods fought for supremacy over the area. In the end, one god emerged victorious and the cliff was named after him Karang Boma – which translates to “God’s rock“.

In the past, Karang Boma Cliff served as a lookout point for the Balinese people against invaders throughout the centuries. Its strategic location provided the Balinese people with enough time to prepare for battle.

Today, the cliff remains a sacred site for the Balinese community, serving as a place for religious ceremonies and offerings.

This is also believed to be the sacred place where Balinese kings would seek guidance from their ancestors through meditation. Once you experience the serene silence for a few minutes, you’ll truly grasp why they chose this spot!

Where is Karang Boma Cliff in Bali located?

Karang Boma Cliff is a sunset viewpoint in Uluwatu located in the southern part of Bali, just a stone’s throw away from some of the most breathtaking beaches like Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach.

How to Get to Karang Boma Cliff?

To get to Karang Boma Cliff, the best and most convenient way is by having a motorbike. This way, you can easily explore other attractions in the area after your visit.

However, if you don’t know how to drive, don’t worry. You can still reach the cliff by booking a car or motorbike through ride-hailing apps like Grab or Gojek.

Karang Boma Hike entrance
Karang Boma hike entrance
Karang Boma Cliff entrance cows
Spot some cows on your visit
Karang Boma Cliff hike
It’s still a cliff so stay safe!

We opted for a car and were dropped off at the Google Maps point from where we had to walk for about 5 minutes to reach the entrance of the cliff.

On our way back, another Grab driver picked us up at the entrance, so you can always request the same from your driver if you prefer not to walk.

I always recommend walking, though! The dirt road is packed with trees – you’ll reduce your carbon footprint a bit and also burn some calories! Win-win!

Things to Do in Karang Boma Cliff

Although you can walk along the cliff in less than half an hour, there are plenty of things to do in Karang Boma if you choose to stay.

Stand (safely) on the Cliff

Karang Boma Cliff View
This is where you’ll stand for the cliff photo.
Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu
Can you spot the Uluwatu Temple?

As I stood at the edge of the cliff and looked at the vast ocean, my heart was pounding. I was terrified but at the same time amazed and completely present. It was a moment of pure tranquility and awe.

As the wind gently brushed against my skin, I couldn’t help but feel connected to nature in its rawest form. In our fast-paced lives, we often forget to appreciate these simple pleasures.

Even while traveling, we rush from one spot to another, always seeking the next big thing. Just standing on the cliff reminds me of these slow travel quotes about embracing the present moment.

It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most amazing experiences are right in front of us, waiting to be savored. As you head to Karang Boma Cliff, take your time and allow the beauty of nature to wash over you.

PRO TIP: As of 2023, wooden fences have been built around the cliff area to ensure safety. As you visit this cliff, make sure to prioritize your safety.

Watch the sunset

Karang Boma Cliff is undeniably one of the best sunset spots in Bali. As the sun descends, it casts a warm golden glow over the horizon creating a breathtaking view that words cannot fully capture.

The sky is painted with hues of orange, pink, and purple, blending harmoniously with the tranquil sea. The gentle breeze and the sound of crashing waves is a soothing soundtrack to this magical moment.

Watching the sunset at Karang Boma Cliff is a mesmerizing experience that fills your heart with joy and serenity.

However, note that it can get crowded like any famous spot. Therefore, my sister and I decided not to go to Karang Boma Cliff during sunset.

Instead, we opted to go to Suluban Beach to enjoy the beauty of the sunset in a secluded and peaceful setting.

Take the iconic “Karang Boma Cliff Photo”

Karang Boma Cliff
Yoga at the cliff
Karang Boma Cliff Photo
My sister’s cliff photo

A visit to Karang Boma won’t be complete without an iconic photo. You can easily take one with a companion (or a stranger) or use a tripod on a nearby cliff.

When we visited Karang Boma, we were fortunate to have the cliff all to ourselves. We enjoyed walking along the cliff, admiring the mesmerizing views, and capturing the moment with a photo.

During sunset, expect a line of people eager to capture the perfect picture, though it’s nothing compared to the crowds at Lempuyang Temple. If you want to avoid the crowd, arrive early in the morning.

Meditate on the Cliff

Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu View
My fave spot to meditate!
Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu View
View on that spot

The best part of Uluwatu Cliff is its peaceful setting, surrounded by nature and the breathtaking vast horizon. It’s a symphony of tranquility that can easily put you in a meditative state.

After checking out the cliff, I sat in one corner, observed my breath and my thoughts, and immediately felt free, present, and blissful. I found myself completely engaged in the moment.

It’s a perfect place to take a break from your Bali itinerary, connect with your inner self, and find solace in the beauty of nature. It’s one of the most spiritual things to do in Bali.

Bring your own picnic or enjoy a fresh coconut from the local warung

Karang Boma Cliff Warung
Warung at the entrance where you can buy fresh coconuts!

Next time I come back to this cliff, I will stay longer and have a picnic.

Find a spot on the cliff away from the popular photo spot and enjoy the serene beauty of this place. It’s the perfect location to have a peaceful picnic surrounded by breathtaking views.

Alternatively, visit the small warung at the entrance and treat yourself to a refreshing coconut drink. Sipping a fresh coconut on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean? What a paradise!

My Experience in Karang Boma Cliff in Bali

I hiked Karang Boma Cliff with my sister. Our Grab ride dropped us off at the end of the paved road, and from there, we started walking on the dirt road.

It only took us about 5 minutes until we reached the entrance, where we paid 10,000 IDR each at the warung. As soon as we stepped in, we were greeted by the breathtaking sight of the vast ocean stretching out before us.

We went left towards the cliff, and after a few minutes of walking, we stopped and saw the Uluwatu Temple on our right. On the left, the famous Karang Boma Cliff awaited us.

Karang Boma View
Spot where you can have a picnic, meditate or just rest under the shade

To our surprise, we were the only ones there around noon, except for two couples and a solo traveler who joined us later during our visit.

The road leading to the cliff was a bit rocky and separated by a wooden fence, but still manageable and easy to walk on.

As we reached the famous cliff, it felt surreal. The beauty and serenity of the place completely absorbed us, leaving us in awe of nature’s wonders.

We stood there, taking in the magnificent view. Then, we took turns taking photos.

Karang Boma Photo Spot
Your companion or your tripod needs to be on this spot for the cliff photo.

After spending some time on the cliff, we decided to sit in another corner with some shade. I took the opportunity to meditate, embracing the tranquility of the surroundings.

We stayed there for almost an hour and left with grateful hearts.

Karang Boma Entrance Fee

As of November 2023, you need to pay a small entrance fee of 10,000 IDR to visit Karang Boma Cliff.

Comparatively, I find this price to be more affordable and worthwhile than paying 50,000 IDR for the entrance fee at the more famous Uluwatu Temple.

However, I would be more than happy to pay the higher fee at Uluwatu temple to experience its beautiful Kecak Fire dance!

Karang Boma Opening Hours

Karang Boma does not have official opening hours, but according to some travelers, the gate is closed early in the morning.

There is also a sign indicating that it’s closed at 7 pm, but some have been able to enter even at that time. Generally, it’s safe to arrive before sunrise or around sunset.

Best Time to Visit Karang Boma in Uluwatu

The best time of the year to visit Karang Boma Cliff is from March to May when the humidity is low, and the sky is clear. Note that this is a peak season, so expect longer lines for the cliff photo.

For a quieter experience, visit from June to August. The rainfall is minimal, and there’s a smaller crowd.

September to February is not recommended as it’s the monsoon season. The sky can be dark, and the soil might become slippery. If you happen to be in Bali during this time, check the daily weather, as you can still spot a day that is clear and sunny.

In terms of the time of visit, an hour before sunrise (usually 5-6 am) is a great option. You’ll experience the cliff without the crowd. If you’re not an early riser, visiting after sunrise is still a good choice, but be prepared for the heat.

For the most sought-after sunset views, visit between 5 pm and 6 pm to witness the golden hour, when the cliff is bathed in a warm, magical light.

Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu Bali
Karang Boma Cliff Uluwatu Bali

What do bring to Karang Boma Cliff?

  • Drinks and snacks: While there is a warung at the entrance that offers refreshments, it might be limited, so it’s a good idea to bring your own. Opt for a reusable water bottle to help with Bali’s plastic waste issue.
  • Picnic blanket: Uluwatu Cliff is a perfect spot for a picnic, especially during sunset. I would recommend staying away from the famous cliff for a serene experience with equally breathtaking views, like a spot where you can see the famous Uluwatu Temple!
  • Sunblock: Depending on the time of day, the sun at Karang Boma Cliff can be scorching hot. Protect your skin by bringing and applying sunblock before enjoying the stunning views.
  • Insect repellent: Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in Bali, so it’s best to bring insect repellent to ward them off during your visit to Karang Boma.
  • Drone: If you want to capture the breathtaking scenes of Uluwatu from a unique perspective, consider bringing a drone. Just keep in mind that, as mentioned earlier, there might be a fee for drone usage.
  • Camera and tripod: Karang Boma in Bali offers mesmerizing beauty so bring your camera and tripod if you want to capture its beauty.
  • Cash: It’s always a good idea to have some small notes on hand. You’ll need them to pay the entrance fee and also to buy some refreshing coconuts.
Karang Boma Waves

Nearby attractions near Uluwatu Cliff

Uluwatu is among my favorite spots in Bali, so I’d recommend staying here for at least a full day. Combine your visit to Karang Boma Cliff with a temple visit and a trip to one or two of the most amazing beaches in Bali!

Uluwatu Temple: I would not recommend visiting Uluwatu Temple for its cliff. It’s crowded. Karang Boma is way beautiful. But, I would recommend visiting it as the best spot to watch the Kecak Fire Dance performance with its backdrop of the ocean, especially during sunset.

PRO TIP: Kecak Fire Dance in Uluwatu is often fully booked, and you may need to line up for 10-15 minutes to buy your ticket. Skip the line by securing your ticket online. You can also get 5% off by using my Klook code GLADISTRAVELS.

Suluban Beach: Also known as Blue Point Beach, Suluban Beach is my favorite place in Uluwatu. It’s a secluded beach with unique rock formations and dramatic views as you descend through the cave-like entrance. Popular among surfers, photographers, and sunset enthusiasts, it offers a truly unique and tranquil experience.

Balangan Beach: Balangan Beach is another secluded spot, renowned for its pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters. I appreciate it for its tranquil surroundings, small pools for dipping, and the simple pleasure of basking in the sun while enjoying the breathtaking coastal scenery.

Staying for only a few days in Bali? I still recommend doing a day trip to Uluwatu (yes, over Nusa Penida). This highly-rated tour takes you to the top Uluwatu beaches, includes the Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple, and offers a free seafood dinner in Jimbaran!

Yup! You can use the same code (GLADISTRAVELS) and get 5% off up to two separate bookings!

Where to Stay in Uluwatu

The Edge Bali

If you’re happy to splurge for a one-of-a-kind experience, The Edge Bali is a luxurious hotel located on the cliffs of Uluwatu, offering breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.

The highlight of this hotel is its infinity pool that seems to merge with the ocean horizon. It’s probably the pool on a cliff that you see on Pinterest!

Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

Another charming hotel with pools on a cliff (cliffs are truly a thing in Uluwatu!) is Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort. It offers a perfect blend of luxury with traditional Balinese charm.

The resort provides spacious and elegant rooms, each with its own private balcony or terrace that ensures ocean views from every angle. It is also highly rated for its exceptional and warm staff service!

Villa Melasti Wardana

Villa Melasti Wardana is a hidden gem located in the heart of Uluwatu for budget travelers. It’s both accessible and secluded.

We stayed here for two nights, and I loved that it’s less than 10 minutes away from great beaches like Melasti Beach and Green Bowl Beach.

The highlight of this villa is its beautiful garden and a refreshing pool, where you can relax, unwind, and even practice yoga.

Staying in Uluwatu? Here are the best hotels in Uluwatu, Bali.

FAQs: Karang Boma in Uluwatu

Is Karang Boma Cliff safe for visitors?

Yes, Karang Boma Cliff is safe for visitors. However, exercise caution while exploring the area, as the cliffs can be steep and slippery during the rainy season.

Follow the designated paths and avoid getting too close to the edges for your safety.

Can I bring my children to Karang Boma Cliff?

Karang Boma is not easily accessible to the elderly, children, and individuals with mobility issues. Located in a secluded area, the cliff lacks paved pathways or roads for convenient passage.

Apart from a wooden fence, there are no substantial safety precautions to prevent people from falling. I’d recommend taking extra (really extra) precautions should you decide to bring your kids.

Are there any facilities available at Uluwatu Cliff?

While Karang Boma is renowned as a tourist spot, it remains an untouched natural attraction with limited facilities.

Nevertheless, you will find parking areas, a restroom, and even a warung (a small local restaurant) that serves refreshments, including fresh coconuts!

Can I bring a drone to Karang Boma Cliff?

Yes, drones are allowed at Karang Boma Cliff for a fee of 100,000 IDR.

Is Karang Boma in Uluwatu worth it?

Yes! Karang Boma Cliff in Uluwatu is an absolute gem for any traveler visiting Bali. It’s among my favorite places in Uluwatu (just second only to Suluban Beach).

If you’re short on time, I highly recommend visiting this spot instead of the famous Uluwatu Temple and heading to Balangan or Suluban Beach.

I’d love to hear about your experience at Karang Boma Cliff! Let me know how it goes!

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