Ubud is famous for a good reason. It’s conveniently located in the middle of the island, surrounded by rice fields, coconut trees, waterfalls, and jungles.

The area has yoga studios, artisan markets, restaurants, and temples.

And at night? It transforms into a vibrant yet peaceful town. Whether you want to watch cultural performances, relax in spas, or enjoy live music, there’s something for everyone in Ubud’s nightlife.

After visiting Ubud for the past four years, here are the incredible things to do in Ubud at night.

1. Watch the Kecak and Fire Dance

 large crowd watching a dramatic Kecak and fire dance performance in Ubud at night, one of the best things to in Ubud at night.

After sunset, you’ll notice people flocking to many temples to watch a special cultural performance.

If you’re staying in one of these temples (as we did), you’ll hear the endless chanting of ‘cak’.

Yes, it’s the famous Kecak Dance with its captivating blend of rhythmic chanting, elaborate costumes, and dramatic storytelling that brings to life the Ramayana epic.

Although I usually stay away from crowded touristy activities, I highly recommend watching the Kecak dance at least once.

It offers a peek into Bali’s culture, art, and spirituality and it’s also highly meditative!

🤩 Watch the Kecak and Fire Dance – get 5% off with code GLADISTRAVELS. Be around the temple at least 30 minutes before the show to choose a good seat.

2. Sing Your Heart Out on a Kirtan

A group of people sitting inside a colorful bamboo structure in Ubud, participating in a kirtan session with musicians, surrounded by vibrant lighting.

Sometimes, we just need to sing our worries away. That’s exactly what you can do in a Kirtan ceremony. 

Kirtan is a type of bhakti yoga that I experienced during my yoga teacher training (YTT).

It’s different from popular yoga practices because it uses songs and mantras to reach emotional release and a deeper connection to the divine.

When I experienced a Kirtan, hours flew by as I sang my heart out with a community. I felt present, lighter, and joyful. 

Join a group of Bali-based devotional singers and be amazed by how much a Kirtan can rejuvenate your mind.

3. Practice Yin or Restorative Yoga at Night

Me on a yoga attire lying on pillows on a butterfly position for a yin yoga in Ubud

After a busy day, why not wind down with a relaxing evening yoga session to help you sleep better?

Yin yoga involves holding passive poses for an extended time while Restorative Yoga focuses on supporting your body for prolonged rest. Both help to clear the mind and calm the body.

And if you’re in Ubud, I highly recommend trying a healing yin yoga at Heartspace Bali. It’s the best yin yoga experience I’ve had so far! I felt relaxed and slept very well afterward.

4. Explore Ubud by Foot

I enjoy walking around Ubud during the day — rice paddies, artisan markets, and cozy cafes.

But I enjoy roaming around at night —live music bars, cultural performances, and illuminated temples.

I also find Ubud less crowded at night. Walk along Ubud’s sidewalks, explore the streets, and appreciate the evening bustle of the town. Who knows? You might find a gem or two. 

5. Walk in the Rice Fields at Night

Rice fields with three coconuts and a sunset in Ubud

Speaking of walks, walking through the rice fields is equally magical at night.

Start to walk around sunset and witness the sky painted in shades of yellow, orange, and red against the green fields.

If you stay longer, you can end your stroll gazing at the starry night. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Ubud at night.

You can visit Tegalalang Rice Terraces, where you can also experience thrilling activities like giant swings, skybikes, and ziplines.

Or for a more relaxing walk without the crowd, explore Kajeng Rice Fields, Subak Juwuk Manis, or Campuhan Ridge Walk. 

6. Enjoy authentic local foods at Ubud Night Market

Night view of the bustling Ubud street food market, with various food stalls illuminated and people enjoying local delicacies. It's one of the best things to do in Ubud at night.

What’s a trip to Ubud without trying Balinese cuisine? 

It doesn’t take much to stumble upon good food here. You’ll find some of the most delicious (and MOST AFFORDABLE!) in a Night Market Peliatan or Gianyar Night Market. These places are filled with surprises for your tastebuds. 

You try a variety of local dishes, such as babi guling (roasted suckling pig), sate lilit (minced fish satay), and nasi goreng (fried rice) — all prepared by local vendors from fresh, traditional ingredients.

Mat and I enjoyed visiting with the aromas of street food and the lively chatter of locals and tourists.

If you’re looking for an all-in experience, this food tour will lead you to the best of the best within 3 hours. It also includes their traditional cuisine, Megibung.

7. Share a Candlelight Dinner under the stars

If you’re in Ubud during a special day, why not have a romantic dinner under the stars?

You’ll enjoy a six-course candlelight dinner of gourmet food. You’ll sit under tall trees and twinkling lights. Complete the experience with the finest Balinese sparkling wine to top off your meal. 

You can also choose based on your food preferences and restrictions. Feel free to choose between the beef, seafood, halal, and vegetarian menus that they curated for your dining pleasure. 

8. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Mozaic

Elegant dining setup at Mozaic Ubud, featuring wooden tables, green chairs, and stylish decor with lush greenery in the background, perfect for a fine dining experience at night.
© Mozaic

Continuing with the fine dining theme, let’s talk about Mozaic, a French-inspired restaurant in the center of Ubud. A meal here is the intimate final experience you need before you say goodbye to Bali.

Mozaic made its name in Ubud’s food scene by showcasing Indonesia’s freshest ingredients. With a sustainable approach, they’ve produced impeccable seasonal and botanical menus.

They also have a cocktail bar and a cellar of over 200 wines.

Pro Tip: Try their mushroom tofu and watermelon tart and red wine ice cream.

9. Relax in an Evening Spa or Sauna

Dragonfly's Bali sauna rooms with a bonfire in the middle
Herbal steam saunas © Dragonfly Village

You deserve to relax and unwind after being on the go. Out of the many things to do in Ubud at night, an evening spa session guarantees absolute relaxation!

Renew your mind and body with a blissful massage at Soulshine Bali. This spa hotel is in the middle of a forest and has a rice terrace-inspired design!

Or if you’re staying in Dragonfly Village, take advantage of the free-for-guest amenities! You can enjoy their herbal steam sauna indoors or outdoors around a bonfire. Have a refreshing soak in their salt pool afterward!

10. Experience Sound Healing at Pyramids of Chi

sound healing session at pyramids of chi with bowls and yoga mats
© Pyramids of Chi

Sound rituals are designed to tap into our consciousness through different frequencies. The result? A harmony between body and mind.

This is a Pyramids of Chi‘s specialty. They can guide you through diverse sound healing sessions to reach deep relaxation, increase self-awareness, and even aid in physical healing. 

Some of their offerings include Ancient Sound Healing using traditional instruments, Journey Through The Sacred Sounds with the use of voice, and Reiki Sound Ceremonies that combine sound and touch.

11. Watch a Movie at Paradiso Ubud

Cinema of Paradiso Ubud with comfortable chairs and a large screen with Paradiso Ubud logo on it
© Thaïs Hurni

A cozy movie night is always a great idea. 

It’s even better with good food and company. At Cinema Paradiso, the world’s first vegan cinema, you can enjoy film screenings with sustainable snack choices–an evening treat for both the mind and body!

Cinema Paradiso features both local and Hollywood films. Enjoy your favorite film with a vegan ice cream or recharge with organic fruit juices. 

And since the cinema is also a cultural center, stop by their boutiques and galleries to see some of the best organic Balinese products. 

12. Join a Nighttime Balinese Cooking Class

Me and mat chopping ingredients for our nightime cooking class in Ubud

I always tell people that taking a cooking class is one of the best ways to get to know a culture. 

You get to have an interactive experience with the locals. And you can recreate local dishes at home!

Joining a nighttime Balinese cooking class is one of the things to do at night in Ubud that you will remember years after. Mat and I still cook chicken curry and nasi goreng months after our cooking class!

This particular workshop walks you through nine local recipes within four hours! You’ll also get the chance to see the rice paddies and farms where the ingredients were harvested.

Best part? You’ll enjoy a Balinese dinner you cooked yourself!

13. Camp overnight at Mount Batur

Trekkers' silhouette during a sunrise in Mt Batur

Balinese believe that godly spirits reside in tall mountains and volcanoes. Mount Batur, an active volcano around an hour away from Ubud, is a great example. 

An overnight camping trip offers the full experience of this sacred mountain.

After an exhilarating trek, you’ll get to witness the spectacular sunset, pitch tents, gather around a campfire, stargaze, and eat local food cooked over volcanic steam. 

You’ll welcome the next day with a beautiful sunrise before trekking down to the hot springs for a relaxing end to your camping trip. 

14. Walk on a nearby beach

Me walking on a black sand beach, Keramas Beach, nearby Ubud

Ubud is known for its stunning rice fields, delightful restaurants, and breathtaking temples. What if I tell you that it’s also a short drive away from some of the best beaches in Bali?

Keramas Beach, the closest beach to Ubud, is approximately a 35-minute drive away. It’s famous for its black sand.

I visited Keramas Beach and, while it’s not suitable for swimming, I enjoyed walking along the shore, watching surfers ride the waves, and even participated in a beach cleanup.

The peaceful ambiance, coupled with the rhythmic sound of the waves, creates a calming atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

Aside from Keramas, you can also a day trip to Jimbaran Beach, Sanur Beach, Canggu Beach, Kuta Beach, and my personal favorite beaches — Uluwatu and Suluban Beaches.

15. Experience Flow with Cultural Workshops

Carved woods in a wood carving workshop in Bali

Ubud has tons of cultural workshops showcasing a new perspective on local art. Beginners are welcome and there’s one for every interest you might have.

Learn and practice with Ubud’s master craftsmen. Make traditional wood carvings, weave baskets from lontar leaves, or make silver jewelry to take home.

There’s also a virgin coconut oil making class where you’ll learn how to make one of Bali’s most important ingredients. The workshop ends with a green curry dinner made with the coconut oil.

16. Listen to Live Music at Laughing Buddha Bar

Dancing guests, enjoying the vibe and music at Laughing Buddha Bar
© Laughing Buddha Bar

True to its name, the Laughing Buddha Bar is a night of laughter and happiness.

You’ll enjoy evening of live gigs, good food, and an joyful dance. 

Your ears and tastebuds will embark on an exciting journey. Bands perform an eclectic mix of acoustic soul, rock n’ roll, and pop blues.

You’ll also be feasting on food and drinks inspired by dishes from South Asia to Europe.  

Pro Tip: Come just in time for cocktail hour and salsa dance night for the best Laughing Buddha experience.

17. Watch the Balinese Puppet Show, Wayang Kulit

Wayang Kulit puppey show, showing leather puppets on a silk screen
© Oka Kartini

Despite the rapidly changing world, Bali managed to preserve many of its centuries-old art. One of these is a Balinese shadow puppet show called Wayang Kulit. 

You’ll witness intricate leather puppets dance behind a silk screen to tell legends of the past.

A gamelan orchestra weaves perfect music to make each scene more gripping. The precision of the art form earned it a UNESCO world heritage recognition.

It’s one of the most unique things to do at night in Ubud. Go to the Oka Kartini for the most popular staging of Wayang Kulit

18. Visit Art Galleries and Exhibitions

I’m amazed how intricate Balinese art is every time I visit their temples.

If you’d like to bring piece of this intricate art home, I highly recommend visiting their art galleries and exhibitions! It’s one of the best places to visit in Ubud at night.

Galleries like the Semar Kuning Artist Cooperative are filled with works of passionate local artists. Many find it hard to leave without purchasing a piece they fell in love with. Maybe you will, too. 

You can visit galleries and exhibitions for free. Negotiate prices respectfully if you plan to purchase something!

19. Watch fireflies in the remote Taro Village

Orange and maroo rooftops of Balinese houses in a rice field, known as Taro Village
© Taro Village

What to do in Ubud at night? Do trip to the Taro Village and experience its magic. 

It’s famous for traditional workshops, spiritual immersions, and an elephant park. However, you can also visit in the evening to witness thousands of fireflies.

This peaceful and remote spot in Bali is located less than an hour away from Ubud. During a five-hour evening tour, you’ll meet families, explore the farms, and have an authentic local dinner. 

Finally, you’ll relax with a warm drink as you watch thousands of fireflies illuminate the space around you. It’s the view of a lifetime!

20. Shop in boutique stores

Ubud’s city center is filled with markets and craft centers that will will leave you in awe of its unique blend of culture and creativity.

Head to Jalan Raya shopping street, a two-kilometer-long paradise for trendy travelers.

There, you’ll find a vibrant mix of modern and traditional fashion boutiques that will tempt you to update your entire wardrobe.

If you’re looking for quality yoga attire, you’ll also find Indigo Luna, high-quality ethical clothing made from organic or recycled materials. I bought a pair here and until today, its my favourite!

I recommend checking several shops before buying. Some offer fair prices, others inflate the price a bit in expectation of discounts.

From cheap yet trendy clothing to designer outfits, Jalan Raya has got you covered. 

Pro Tip: Find the Pithecanthropus boutique for high-end fashion inspired by traditional art. 

21. Witness Full Moon Ceremonies

The moon holds high importance in Balinese folklore.

That’s why Purnama, the full moon celebration, is such a big day for locals. It is believed that during this night, gods descend and shower the Earth with blessings during this night. 

Does your Bali trip fall on a full moon? Check a Lunar calendar and see if you can arrange to experience a Purnama experience at a local village. 

Observe how they decorate places of worship with vibrant colors, carefully craft canang sari as offerings, and do water purification rituals in local temples. 

If you’re lucky, you just might catch the bright moon watching the festivities from above. 

22. Swim in a jungle pool on a Moonlight

Terraced pools of Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar
© Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar

The Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar is a must-visit resort in Ubud. It’s one of those places that leave you speechless at first look.  

They have everything you can ask for in your Bali stay: a tropical forest location, stunning three-tier infinity pools, and a jacuzzi. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect recipe for relaxation?

At night, the place is blanketed by silver moonlight. Enjoy a quiet time inside a cabana and take a dip in their pools. Your worries will surely melt away. 

🤩 Experiece swimming in a jungle pool – get 5% off with code “GLADISTRAVELS”

23. Get a Cocktail at Ubud’s Cool Bars

People drinking and happilly listening to the music at No Mas Bar
© No Mas Bar

At night, Ubud offers a charming selection of exotic cocktails, live music, and nature. Going to these coolest bars is one of the top things to do in Ubud at night!

Make the most of the happy hour and reggae music at Bunute Kafe. Get loud with death metal bands in No Mas Bar. Or simply relax with a drink while watching sports at The Blue Door Bar.

While you’re at it, appreciate the fusion of Balinese drinking culture with influences from around the world.

24. Go Clubbing at CP Lounge

© CP Lounge

CP Lounge is a popular nightclub in Ubud. How can it not be when it’s a one-stop spot for dancing, swimming, live music, and everything else?

You can dance to bands playing energetic sets until the early hours of the morning.

It’s a great place to meet other travelers or locals who are looking to have a good time. And of course, there’s a long list of cocktails to choose from. 

If dancing is not your thing, you can still enjoy the pool tables or unwind at their open-air lounge. Whichever you choose, you’ll be a CP Lounge fan by the end.

25. Enjoy a game at the Melting Pot Saloon

Chairs, tables, games with flags of different countries in Melting Pot Saloon
© Melting Pot Saloon

A good game night can bring out the competitive side in just about anyone. 

If you are looking for what to do in Ubud at night for a big group, grab a drink and choose a game at Melting Pot Saloon.

Start with classic party games like darts, pool, or foosball. Then, if you’re feeling adventurous, try more thrilling like shuffleboard, boxing, or ax-throwing (You read that right: ax-throwing). 

You can easily spend hours here without realizing how much time has passed. And don’t forget to try their draft beer for an authentic saloon experience.

Wrap Up: Ubud Things To Do at Night

There you have it — the best nighttime activities you’ll love in Ubud. Whether you want to relax and recharge after a long day or you want to extend the fun, you’ll find something to enjoy in Ubud at night!

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