Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach: The Ultimate Guide

Aside from its breathtaking cliffs, Uluwatu is renowned for its beaches, arguably the best ones in Bali. The best part is you can reach two or three of them by walking from one to the next, such as Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach.

I have visited Bali three times, always looking for unique, remote, and less touristy places. These two beaches are by far my favorite finds.

After going down the stairs alongside restaurants and reaching a cave, I saw the pristine shores, and I knew I had found paradise. It was so good that my sister and I decided to spend the whole day at these two beaches.

In this guide, I will share the best spots (plus a hidden viewpoint we accidentally found), how to get there, the best time to visit, and the best spots for sunsets on these twin beaches.

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Pantai Uluwatu, Suluban Beach, Uluwatu Beach in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

Brief History of Pantai Uluwatu and Pantai Suluban

Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach have a rich history closely intertwined with the local surfing community.

Uluwatu was first discovered when the crew of the surfing classic film ‘Morning of the Earth‘ stumbled upon a freight train at Uluwatu. The crew descended the cliff by the temple and came out through a cave.

The first wave-ridden at Uluwatu was surfed by Steve Cooney and featured in the film on February 25, 1972. The footage sparked the attention of surfers globally.

As time went on, more surfing spots were discovered, including Suluban Beach, which became a favorite spot among surfers due to its secluded location.

Suluban Beach in Uluwatu Bali
Suluban Beach, a surfers’ secluded paradise

The beach’s reputation grew over time, attracting surfers and beachgoers from all over the world.

Today, Suluban Beach, also known as Pantai Suluban or Blue Point Beach, continues to allure adventurers with its incredible waves and peaceful, secluded environment.

Uluwatu Beach or Pantai Suluban, on the other hand, is less known. It takes some walks around steep and slipper rocks but it offers stunning rock formations, rock pools, and a paradise-like setting.

Uluwatu Beach in Bali Pantai Uluwatu
Uluwatu Beach, a paradise of rocks and pools

Where are Pantai Uluwatu and Pantai Suluban in Bali located?

Pantai Uluwatu and Pantai Suluban are both located on Bali’s southwest coast in the Bukit Peninsula.

Both beaches are located in a quiet spot tucked under towering cliffs in the coastal area of Labuan Sait, the same region as famous surf spots Padang Padang.

How to Get to Suluban Beach and Uluwatu Beach?

If you’re staying around Uluwatu, renting a scooter will provide you with the flexibility to also explore nearby places. Otherwise, it’s also cheap, accessible, and easy to book a Grab or Gojek.

Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach
Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach in Bali

There are two entrances to Suluban Beach where you can also park. One at the entrance of the beach and one in Single Fin.

From the drop-off point, which is typically at the roadside before the parking entrance, you need to walk around 10 minutes along the flight of stairs around local restaurants leading down to the beach.

From here, you need to go to a small cave entrance on the left to enter Suluban Beach and go right into a bigger cave entrance for Uluwatu Beach.

Entrance Cave to Suluban Beach in Uluwatu Bali
Entrance to Uluwatu Beach Entry Point to Uluwatu Beach Beach in Bali

Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach Entrance Fee

As of 2024, most beaches in Bali, including Uluwatu Beach and Blue Point Beach, are free to enter. There are two entrances, and both are free; you only need to pay parking fees.

Beach Entrance Parking: 3,000 IDR per scooter
Single Fin Entrance Parking: 5,000 IDR per scooter / 15,000 IDR per car

If you’re arriving with Grab or Gojek, get off before the parking area to avoid any parking fees.

Uluwatu and Suluban Beach Opening Hours

Uluwatu Beach and Blue Point Beach are open all day, every day, except during Nyepi. You can visit them 24 hours, but it’s safer during low tides.

Best Time to Visit Uluwatu and Suluban Beach

If you’re planning to catch the perfect wave at Uluwatu and Suluban, visit during the dry season from April to October. During this time, both beaches have consistent swells and clear skies.

For a relaxing beach escapade, head to Suluban Beach during low tide, where you can enter the small cave and have more beach space. This also allows you to walk along the sand of Uluwatu Beach without having to step on slippery rocks.

Both beaches are secluded, so you can visit anytime. However, crowds tend to gather around sunset, so arriving around 3 pm ensures securing your spot.

Top Things to Do in Suluban Beach

With its breathtaking cliffs and crystal-clear waters, Blue Point Beach offers a taste of paradise whether you’re a surfer eager to ride the waves or simply seeking a serene spot to soak up the sun.

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Find the Hidden Suluban Beach and Uluwatu Beach

Suluban Beach Pantai Suluban Blue Point Beach in Uluwatu Bali
Uluwatu Beach Pantai Uluwatu in Uluwatu Bali

Finding Suluban Beach is an adventure in itself. If you don’t know about it, you’ll probably miss it. Just save my photo above, find that small cave entrance, and surprise yourself with a paradise waiting on the other side.

Uluwatu Beach, too, revealed secret pools, towering rocks, and a hidden viewpoint—each discovery left me in awe.

Surf at Suluban Beach

Surfing at Suluban Beach Uluwatu Bali

Suluban Beach is a world-class surfing beach hosting the finest waves on the planet with massive waves ranging from 3 to 12 feet. If you’re a surfer, this is a playground paradise for a surfboard.

Even if won’t hit the waves yourself, watching surfers catch a break is an enjoyable experience. My sister and I certainly enjoyed the laid-back vibes, watching and witnessing the dance of surfboards on the waves.

Watch the Sunset (or Sunrise)

Sunset at Uluwatu Beach, Suluban Beach in Uluwatu Bali

Pantai Suluban and Pantai Uluwatu are some of the best spots for sunset in Bali!

You can stroll down to the beach and witness the captivating colors reflecting on the waves during low tide.

You can also witness this magnificent phenomenon in the clifftop bars and restaurants I recommend below. My sister and I watched it at Single Fin.

Also, if you want to skip the crowd, these beaches are fantastic spots to chase the sunrise.

Walk along the beach or Sunbathe on Uluwatu Beach

Uluwatu Beach in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

If you have the luxury of time, spend at least half a day in Uluwatu Beach. Walk along the sandy shores, enjoying the soft grains beneath your feet, listen to the rhythmic waves, and get into a calm state just being in the ocean (yes, being in the ocean is proven to make you happier).

And when you get tired and need some rest, take shade in the caves or bask in the tropical sun.

Discover the Hidden Uluwatu Viewpoint

Uluwatu Beach Cliff Pantai Uluwatu in Uluwatu Bali
Uluwatu Beach Cliff Stairs Pantai Uluwatu in Uluwatu Bali

Speaking of walking along Uluwatu Beach, our walk led us to the secret viewpoint. Beyond a massive limestone rock, we saw a concrete stairway.

After ascending for a while, we started to question whether we could still go on because the stairs were pretty much covered with dried leaves.

We slowly ascended to the top after roughly 50 meters of ascent, we were rewarded with a breathtaking (literally) view of Pantai Uluwatu.

Meditate on a Secluded Spot in Pantai Uluwatu

Uluwatu Beach Pantai Uluwatu in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

As you move further away from the entry point of Uluwatu Beach, you’ll encounter fewer and fewer crowds. Soon, you’ll find a spot by yourself.

Use this time to slow down, get inspiration, and maybe even meditate. As a meditation and yoga teacher, I always tell my students that nature is the best place to meditate. It puts us in a space where we can easily breathe, be in awe, experience gratitude, and just be.

You don’t need to know a specific meditation or yoga pose. Just watch your breath or listen to the ocean waves. This will put you in a meditative state.

Our Experience in Uluwatu and Suluban

My sister and I were thrilled when we discovered Balangan Beach, a very relaxing and secluded beach in Uluwatu.

With two more days in Uluwatu, we decided to look for more hidden beaches around the area. There were plenty of options and we ended up choosing Suluban Beach.

We arrived around lunchtime because we needed to pick up the charger cable that I dropped in Uluwatu Temple and spent some time amazed by Karang Boma Cliff.

After a series of what seemed to be never-ending stairs going down different local restaurants, we arrived at the cave of Suluban Beach.

The cave itself was breathtaking, like stepping into a portal to a hidden beach. We saw some people getting some shade from the cave away from the sand, lounging on the sand just looking at the beautiful beach.

Some local vendors offered snacks and drinks but they weren’t pushy like the other beaches in Bali. This beach has a rather calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Setting up our beach towels and putting our bags down, we initially planned a short exploration. Little did we know, that we would return three hours later. Good thing all our items remained intact.

Uluwatu Beach in Bali Indonesia
Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach in Bali Indonesia

Away from the crowd, we discovered fascinating rocks, secret caves, and charming pools teeming with marine life.

We also saw people with snorkeling masks exploring the beautiful corals and colorful fish.

While looking for a swimming spot, we ended up exploring further, finding an increasingly beautiful and less crowded paradise. Just 10 minutes of walking led us to complete solitude.

Beyond limestone formations, we also discovered a stairway. It looked like a stable concrete stairs yet the pile of dried leaves suggest that it’s barely used.

Stairs to Uluwatu Cliff Uluwatu Beach in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia Single Fin Suluban Beach

I encouraged my sister to go, yet when we were halfway, fear for her safety struck me. While I’m usually adventurous in places like this, I was afraid that if something happened to my sister, I wouldn’t be able to make it back home.

After conquering our fears, we were rewarded with a breathtaking view of Uluwatu Beach, which resembled the lower part of Karang Boma Cliff.

Uluwatu Ciff in Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach in Bali Indonesia
Uluwatu Cliff Beach in Bali Indonesia

On our descent, we found an alternative path. I realized that, though I wasn’t scared for my life, I was overwhelmed with fear for my sister’s safety. I went ahead, checked it first, and then signaled that she could proceed.

It was leading to what looked like an abandoned cliff restaurant or even a hotel. It was beautiful, but I couldn’t bear my fear for my sister’s safety any longer, so we had to go down.

Cliff in Pantai Uluwatu, Suluban Beach, Uluwatu Beach in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

We went even further, rested, and swam in rock pools. We even saw some fishermen who seemed surprised to see tourists in the area.

We walked until the point where we could almost see Thomas Beach. We decided it was time to go back as we were getting hungry and wanted to see the sunset at Single Fin.

On our way back, we also spotted some plastic trash and picked it up. The beach is very clean, so if you see any plastic, please bring it with you. We all like a clean beach, right?

Uluwatu Beach Pantai Uluwatu in Uluwatu Bali
Trash in Uluwatu Beach Pantai Uluwatu in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

We didn’t have time to explore Suluban Beach; we were really hungry and already satisfied with discovering Uluwatu Beach.

However, I would say that Suluban Beach is equally beautiful and perfect for surfers, offering the joy of simply lounging on the beach without the need to walk far, as we did.

Restaurants near Uluwatu and Suluban

Single Fin Bali

We would have stayed in Uluwatu beach for a sunset but we got hungry so we decided to grab some food and wait for the sunset at Single Fin Bali.

My sister and I shared a big burger and an extra bowl of fries and waited for the sun to set on a cliff overlooking the majestic Indian Ocean.

Uluwatu Beach in Uluwatu Bali Indonesia Single Fin Suluban Beach

And let me tell you, the hype is real. The sunsets here are nothing short of a masterpiece painted across the sky. We watched the surfers glide into the ocean as the sky changed into orange and pink hues. It’s breathtaking!

However, the popularity comes with a price—literally. While it may not be the cheapest spot in the area, the atmosphere, live music, and unforgettable sunset views make it well worth every penny.

PRO TIP: Single Fin is a famous sunset spot in Suluban Beach. If you want to secure a good spot come at least an hour before the sunset.

Jeffry Warung

For a more affordable and laid-back dining experience, head to Jeffry Warung, a small local restaurant that often flies under the radar because it’s a few floors down from Single Fin.

Jeffry Warung offers top-notch smoothie bowls and breakfast. A must-try is their ultimate dragonfruit “Uluwatu” smoothie bowl.

A little heads up: Jeffry Warung operates on a cash-only basis, and you might experience some waiting time.

By the Cliff

True to its name, By the Cliff is perched on the edge of Uluwatu’s rugged cliffs, making it one of the best places to hang out after surfing!

With its well-crafted fusion of local Balinese food and international cuisine, you’ll definitely find something enjoyable for breakfast or lunch.

By the Cliff is also well-known for its sauna and cold bath—something to soothe you after a day in the sun!

Where to Stay in Uluwatu

Elemen Uluwatu Villas

Elemen Uluwatu Villas offers an eco-friendly retreat near Suluban Beach with each room meticulously designed for a luxurious experience.

You’ll enjoy a fresh pool just outside your bedroom, a stunning bathtub, and an outdoor kitchen for delightful breakfasts. This haven blends luxury with environmental sustainability.

La Kreyiol

Located in the heart of Uluwatu, La Kreyiol is a boutique hotel that captivates guests with its stylish design and tranquil surroundings.

La Kreyiol offers a perfect blend of modern comfort and Balinese charm, making it an ideal place for travelers looking for both relaxation and exploration.

Villa Melasti Wardana

Villa Melasti Wardana offers a secluded and intimate retreat amidst the natural beauty of Uluwatu.

This villa-style accommodation provides spacious and elegantly designed rooms, private pools, and lush garden surroundings. My sister and I stayed here for 3 nights, and we loved waking up to their delicious breakfast and enjoying the garden pool by ourselves!

Staying in Uluwatu? Here are the best hotels in Uluwatu, Bali.

FAQs: Uluwatu and Suluban

Can you Swim at Suluban Beach?

No, swimming at Suluban Beach is not ideal due to unpredictable waves flowing in and out of the cave. The shallow waters and sharp reef also make it less than ideal for a swim.

If you’re looking for better swimming spots, consider checking out nearby beaches like Padang Padang Beach or head to the far end of Uluwatu Beach on the right side of the entry point of Suluban for rock pools.

Is Suluban Beach free?

Yes, Suluban Beach is free to enter. You just need to pay parking fees if you’re coming with a scooter or a car.

Is Uluwatu Beach free?

Just like Suluban, Uluwatu Beach is also free to enter and you only need to pay parking fees.

Where is the parking for Suluban Beach and Uluwatu Beach?

There are two parking spaces for these two beaches. Parking at the beach entrance costs 3,000 IDR per scooter, while parking at Single Fin is 5,000 IDR per scooter or 15,000 IDR per car.

Is Uluwatu and Suluban worth it?

Among all the spots I’ve explored in Bali during my three trips, my day at Uluwatu Beach and Suluban Beach (which included my visit to Karang Boma Cliff) gave me a real taste of Bali – tropical, secluded, and breathtaking.

Whether you’re into surfing or simply adore soaking in stunning views, these twin beaches will undoubtedly give you a taste of paradise.

Did you get a chance to visit these twin beaches? Let me know your favorite moments or share any hidden gems in Bali that I might’ve missed.

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